Cook County Arrest for Stealing Signs

Toward the end of campaign supporters of insecure candidates steal opponents’ signs.

Here’s evidence that such actions can result in arrest:

A man who supports Cook County Board of Commissioners candidate Alma Anaya was charged with misdemeanor theft for allegedly stealing yard signs bearing the name of Anaya’s chief opponent. – Rachel Hinton


Cook County Arrest for Stealing Signs — 9 Comments

  1. I have dozens of campaign signs from our sunshine blogger’s epic and legendary 2% campaign in 2002. Wait, I must vehemently deny any suspicion of theft. I rescued them from a dumpster at an undisclosed location in Mchenry county where they were miraculously preserved. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  2. Cal has a very weird personality that is for sure. One of his obsessions is with “stolen political signs’. Where this sickness comes from is hard to tell.

    Perhaps some professionals could help.

    However, this BS paranoia is very similar to the BS spewed regarding voter fraud.

    Folks like to throw that belief around when there is actually little to no voter fraud.

    Cal, uses the old strategy of looking hard enough and throwing out one incident and then calling it an epidemic.

    Don’t readers wonder if perhaps when cal was losing his butt in a race, if he…….hmmmm.

  3. If one watches and listens to the mostly left wing media, then there is no such thing as voter fraud. The people that run these media outlets on cable tv and the broadcast channels will usually tell the sheepile that there is no need for voter photo id.

    Presently the mayor of Chicago wants to issue “Chicago” ID registration cards to illegal aliens that would allow them to vote in elections.

    Our past president, the community agitator, was involved with/a supporter of an organization named akorn that regularly did fraudulent voter registration actions.

  4. I am still laughing at the incredible fatuousness of Tom’s comment.

  5. Tom has a very weird personality that’s for sure.

    One of his obsessions is with Cal and his blog.

    Where this sickness comes from is hard to tell.

    Perhaps some professional help to overcome his paranoia spewing nonsense could help.

  6. Tom is very stupid. Just watched :46 seconds of Lionel Nation’s youtube entitled “Don’t trust anything smart or green”. Things are so bad with the radical (frightened) left hoaxsters that they are censoring Lionel Nation because he is too conservative! What?? The whole video sounds like aliens speaking in code. Tom? Anyone in there? You don’t have a clue what is going on, do you? They are silencing anyone trying to tell the truth. The ministry of doublespeak will be all that remains of any media anywhere. If you do not have a clue by now – you are doomed.

  7. Sunshine blogger, what about hosting a series of fundraisers to support the construction of a political sign museum? The advantages are many. First, more opportunities for free dinner; that’s a given. Second, and more importantly, we could immortalize your memory and legacy by naming this museum after you. How about “McHenry county paparazzi, freeloader sunshine blogger Museum of antique political campaign signs, cat memorabilia, used license plates, antique shotguns and other miscellaneous, irrelevant useless trash.” I bet every McHenry county city and village will fight tooth and nail to be granted the honor of being the site of such a touristic attraction and national landmark. Those sunshine commenters in favor, please say aye. I yield the floor. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

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