Nunda Township Has Tax Abatement on Agenda Thursday Night

Nunda Township has the opportunity to cut this year’s tax burden for its residents.

When this photo was taken of the Nunda Township Hall people were lined up for the Friday food distribution.  Now order is determined by lot so arriving anytime around noon is as good as coming at 10:30, the earliest the Northern Illinois Food Pantry truck arrives.

Putting the following item on the agenda of Thursday night’s 7 PM meeting allows for the passage of such a resolution:


Nunda Township Has Tax Abatement on Agenda Thursday Night — 5 Comments

  1. Proper credit should be given to Assessor Mark Dzemske.

    Without his efforts to dramatically reduce spending in the Assessors office, both the reduction in the levy at the end of 2016 and the subsequent abatement in 2017 and this year would not be possible.

    It will be interesting to listen to the discussion about facility usage as a cost saving measure that is suppose to be on the agenda as well.

    Mr. Dzemske assembled a thorough analysis of facility usage the Trustee Tim Parrish has pushed to get on the agenda as a discussion.

    Nunda Township has 3 buildings’ on the same property; one for the supervisor and his single staff member, a second which houses the assessor and his staff on the second floor while the Highway Comissioner has an office in a different building.

    After years of pressure from myself and other interested citizens, Nunda Board meetings are now streamed live.

    You can access the feed starting tonight at 7pm.

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