NWH Endorses Tirio for County Clerk

Joe Tirio

Against an invisible opponent who filed for bankruptcy the day she filed for the Repuboican nomination for County Clerk, the Northwest Herald endorsed McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe for County Clerk.

It probably helped that Tirio fulfilled his 2016 campaign promise to work to get a referendum on the ballot to abolish the elected office of Recorder of Deeds.

The County Board put it on the Primary Election ballot.

No one expects it to fail.

This is what Google posted about the editorial:

Endorsement: McHenry County clerk: Joe Tirio

She is a former city of McHenry clerk, who held that office from 2001 to 2017, when she said that she chose not to run for the office again. She currently works as a legal assistant, a job she has worked in for 40 years. On the same day she filed to run for the clerk position, Dalton also filed for bankruptcy …
So far, opponnnt Janice Dalton’s campaign has been limited to a few yard signs (the one I saw was on public property next to Mary McClellan’s) and a robo-call echoing the hit piece sent by Jack Franks’ allies.


NWH Endorses Tirio for County Clerk — 15 Comments

  1. It’s almost surprising Cal would even mention the NWH unless it was a put down of course.

  2. I thought the Northwest Herald was part of the monstrous, evil liberal media machinery which intends to take down our country and conservative values…nah, in this sunshine blog anything goes…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  3. “tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…”
    Wow. What is that? Are we dealing here with grammar school grade 1-4 mentality?

  4. Are you in love with liberal Northwest Herald today? Tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  5. bred winner, our Poster Boy, is now inclined to be a Pussy, just pacify him with a meow, meow.

  6. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  7. The last time in the primary it did for Joni because they endorsed Tirio’s plan but endorsed Joni.

    It didnt make sense.

    This time they clearly stated why and included all the bad mojo his opponent has in her record.

    So this is fine.

    There is reasoning.

    Should be interesting in the General.

  8. Greg is 100% right.

    Endorsements only make sense when you explain why you are making them.

    Just picking candidates without reasoning doesn’t help the candidates.

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