Jack Franks’ Backers Target County Board Member Chuck Wheeler

Despite having made a countywide and two County Board District mailings a new Political Action Committee calling itself “Illinois Integrity Fund” still has not filed its existence with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

A  post card attacking District 4 McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler is the latest to make my inbox.

Wheeler is one of a minority of McHenry County Board Republicans who has not rolled over and played dead for Democratic Party Chairman Jack Franks.

The mailing can be seen below:

In every lie, it is helpful to have a little bit of truth.

The accurate part of the mailing is that he attended the meeting in question.

The false part of the mailing is that he voted against paying Local 150 of the Operating Engineers the $25,000.

Read this article and you’ll see that.

Here’s the relevant part:

Those voting against the resolution [ to pay the $25,000] were

  • Diane Evertsen
  • Andrew Gasser
  • Mike Skala
  • Chuck Wheeler

Consistency, of course, is not necessary when Jack Franks’ friends are mounting a political attack on Jack Franks’ critics.

If it were, the same mailing would attack District 6 Franks’ favorites Michele Aavang and Larry Smith, both of whom voted to pay the union the $25,000.

Those attending Governor Bruce Rauner’s press conference on his Turnaround Agenda were

  • Yvonne Barnes (District 1)
  • James L. “Jim” Heisler (District 2)
  • Chairman Joseph Gottemoller (District 3)
  • Nick Provenzano (District 3)
  • Charles “Chuck” Wheeler (District 4)
  • Tina Hill (District 5)
  • Michele Aavang (District 6)
  • Larry W. Smith (District 6)
  • Jack Franks (State Rep.)


Jack Franks’ Backers Target County Board Member Chuck Wheeler — 17 Comments

  1. The so-called integrity fund has become racist?

    Want to see arrogance?

    Watch the round-mound in action in the County building when no cameras or reporters are present!!

    No wonder he has a McClellan sign on his front lawn!

    I notice that there is a person with the last name of ECK who uses the same address as the so-called integrity fund for a business.

    I further notice the following new donations to Jack D Franks campaign fund:

    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters for $ 5,000.

    McHenry County Building Trades for $ 1,000.

    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Mgt PAC $22,900.

    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Mgt PAC $ 1,500.

    Will we see the campaign expenses for the so-called integrity fund when Franks next files a complete report?

    Couple the above with the coordinated attack on some candidates by the NWH and you have a situation similar to the Washington Post and the Clinton campaign shenanigans in DC right here in the now Franks Madiganized McHenry County.

  2. Where on the mailer does it say any thing about voting?

    A Chuck voting mistake was listening to Nick Provenzano and voting for the NDS act which expanded county and township government.

    After Chuck and others whined about Mary hiring her husband, they did nothing to change County hiring practices.

  3. ‘the nob’ should stick to commenting on Townships which at least he appears to know a tiny bit about.

    The County Board has zero say over who is hired by County Constitutional Officers such as the Clerk, Sheriff, District Attorney, Coroner, Treasurer, Auditor, etc.

    If ‘the nob’ wants to change controls relative to those offices he needs to talk to State elected officials – not the County Board.

    An attempt was made to control who the Board Chairman hires but that was voted down by the current Board, however, Wheeler was on the correct side relative to that issue.

    This is one reason why the ’round mound’ wants Chuck gone.

    Does the ’round mound’ support the career Springfield Progressive Althoff and a guy who appears to need anger management classes?

  4. Anyone who challenges the “double-chin” is considered arrogant by the “double-chin”.


    Mr. “double-chin” is the epitome of arrogant.

  5. If Phat Jack and/or his sycophants don’t like Wheeler
    then he has got them extremely worried, and for good reason.

    I would wear that as a badge of honor.

  6. conservative voter, do you have any kind of document that would show Chuck tried to get state law changed relative to county hiring practices?

    Perhaps you missed where this blog reported on Chuck and a few others were whining like …. over that hire?

    They whined and did nothing, yup nothing.

    You think that fine and dandy right, ignoring a problem?

    What about expanding gov with the NDS vote?

  7. Based on the flyer, their dislike has turned to flat out hate.

  8. the nob: Re: “They whined and did nothing, yup nothing.”

    What was he supposed to do other than make the request of Barb Wheeler and Althoff?

    Relative to non-dedicated roads you appear to have a personal axe to grind.

    The fact is the County approved those subdivisions and in my opinion it is the responsibility of the County to proved them with roads.

  9. Instead of blasting Jack Franks, why not go out and help Chuck Wheeler get reelected?

    He deserves it and we know he is very conservative when it comes to spending OUR money!!!

  10. The picture shows $10,000 bundles of hundreds, at least 30 of them.

    Then it claims someone wasted $25,000.

    All I have to say is Math.

  11. Gretchen Eck?

    Liberal Democrat Lawyer from Crook County?

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit.

    Everyone who gets a hit piece from this bs pop-up committee should be held up with honors.

    They can run on their records.

    Their opponents can not and need these hit pieces and bs robo calls.

  12. conservative voter, had Chuck actually followed up and tried to get legislative change, I’d have nothing to say would I friend!

    Why does the county have to provide roads to people that chose to live on private roads?

  13. Filthy Crook County Democrats are attacking Brettman, Schuster, Tirio, Rein, Wheeler with these temporary fake committees.


  14. Now I’ll vote for him; a bullet vote.

    Jack hates all who oppose his misrule.

    John Jung is his Official McHenry County Franks Brown-Noser!

  15. Nasty politics resorted to by dirty Dems. I tell everyone in the McHenry area to bullet vote for Chuck Wheeler

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