NorWest Republicans Release Questionnaire – 5

This is the fifth page of questions from the NorWest Republican Organization.  All McHenry County Board candidates in the area were sent questionnaires.

It appears there are questions as to who received the NorWest questionnaire.

Here is the content of the letter that was sent to each and every candidate that appears on a GOP ballot somewhere in the NorWest Township region.

The request was sent to all candidates for all offices including judges and committeemen.

To: [Candidate name and office on the ballot]

Congratulations on your decision to run for elected office in the up-coming March Primary election. We’re sure this will be a very busy time for you as you prepare your campaign.

In keeping with our charge to advise and inform voters, the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee has prepared the enclosed Candidate Survey for your review and response. All responses will be posted and made available to the NorWest Township Committeemen and the general public, as well as media outlets.

Since Early Voting begins March 16th, we request that you return your completed survey no later than February 6th to ensure inclusion with other respondents.


Matthew Meyer, Vice Chairman

­Question Schuster Brettman Wheeler Miller Tirio
D-6 D-6 D-4 Treas. Clerk
53. When elected, what are your goals; what do you plan to accomplish in this position? 7 27 blank 54 86
Comment 7: Personally I would like to see a committee established to work on in-depth review of county government programs and services. For honest tax reductions, this is the only way to accomplish the goal.

Comment 27: My overarching goal is to preserve the lifestyle which the residents of McHenry County have enjoyed for so many years. To preserve our resources and ground water, to guard in so far as possible against over development and to make sure that the growth that comes is both well planned and most importantly that it pays its own way. I promise to struggle to undue elements of progressive political machinations that have witnessed Board acquiescence to repeated rule violations, and to ensure that the highly paid Board staff is no longer the tail that wags the dog.

Comment 54: Continue investment approach, involvement of implementing a new financial software for County daily operations and financial reporting.

Comment 86: Obviously want to merge Recorder & Clerk, but most importantly, I want people to once again have confidence & trust in the Clerk and the office.

54. What do you want your voters to knbow about you that may not be covered by this questionnaire? 8 28 blank 55 87
Comment 8: Having done my homework on issues, I am not afraid to stand up for the right decision regardless of the political impact to me personally.

Comment 28: Please see my website as well as my Facebook page Orville Brettman__

Comment 55: My extensive knowledge of the duties charged to the County Treasurer by the Illinois Compiled Statutes (law) and my commitment to the citizens of McHenry County and beyond.

Comment 87: Long before I got my first government check, I was working hard for the people of this county. Especially the work with Voters In Action. We had numerous positive impacts from the Randall Road Project, the Education clinics in schools, home rule, numerous school financial issues and more.



NorWest Republicans Release Questionnaire – 5 — 2 Comments

  1. Judge ruled in favor of AT 150 union today.
    Hanlon/Gasser have till April 18th to come up with a new angle.
    If not Hanlon/Gasser will have to go to the Appellate Court to waste more property tax $$$$$.

  2. Love that Norwest township is vetting candidates and helping voters to do the same!

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