Demetri Presses “I Will Not Take a Judge’s Pension” Issue in Mailing

Demetri Tsilimigras is basing his campaign for a Circuit Judge’s seat on the promise that he will not take a judicial pension.

You can see the promise on the top of his four-by-four foot isgns and, recently on the big lighted billboard on Route 31 north of Algonquin.

Here is what arrived in some mailboxes yesterday with more to come today:


Demetri Presses “I Will Not Take a Judge’s Pension” Issue in Mailing — 28 Comments

  1. If my parents were multi-millionaires supporting me I would not need a pension either, but I don’t think his promise is very realistic since State law requires that Judges take the pension. Where does Demetri live? Deerfield with his wife and kids (Lake County) or Cary (McHenry County)? He should explain why he bought a 800K house in Deerfield last year?

  2. Just found out Demetri does not need the “government pension” as a Judge because he gets a better pensiion from the years in the State’s Attorneys office.

  3. There have been many judges in the past who took office not hurting for a penny.
    They all took the pension.

  4. Ward Arnold even brags about the ‘stupid people’ in McHenry County.

  5. Arnold went to Hawaii every year for vacation if I remember correctly.

  6. Steve Wilson

    Very clever
    you gave me something to smile about, which is difficult in McHenry

  7. Jim your wrong.

    Demerits is getting 1,000 a month for being in States Attorney, upond retirement.

    That is Public Information.

    I would either claim that you don’t know what you’re talking about or you are working for Wilbrant.

  8. (Correction/Phone is not working correctly) Jim you’re wrong.

    Demetrius is getting $1,000.00 a month, upon retirement.

    That is public information.

    I would either claim that you don’t know what you are talking about or you are working for Wilbrant.

    Look on his website if you wish to know more.

  9. That’s what we want a judge who gets the job as a hobby. Nice.

  10. “Jim” is Jealous.


    He must be a real bitter loser.

    Demetri will make a great Judge.

    His in laws wealth doesnt stop him from working.

    He could just offer to work for his father-in-law but he has integrity and wants to continue to work in his own right.

    I think that’s so commendable!

    And not taking the Judicial Pension is saying that he realizes the problems of IL and he’s not going to contribute to the problem.

    He’s the one!

  11. A Grand a month pension?
    How many years of service, at what pay, and what pension fund?
    SA pay that low?

  12. He makes over 87K a year, with 20 years of service a monthly pension would be around $3600 a month.

  13. With all the wealthy individuals who became judges and took the pension, I am amazed at the attacks on the one individual who says he won’t take it if elected.

  14. Nob, stop it with that factual thing you are doing, it is killing the narrative.

    SGT has to be Demitri and Lorna has to be a political intimate (and friend’s assessment carry soooo much weight).

    Demitri should shift gears to a different slogan, this one is a dead end road that resonates only with friends who don’t want to or can’t realize how bad it is.

  15. Demetri is the only spotless candidate on the ballot. Honorable and capable.

  16. “Demerits” is a fantastic autocorrect typo for “Demetri.”

  17. I’ve seen Steve Wilson’s name invoked above. Maybe he can enlighten us.

    What will save taxpayers more money, Wilbrandt winning (thus deferring the payment of his pension) or Demetri winning (triggering the immediate payment of Wilbrandt’s pension plus the continued payment of the regular judicial salary)?

  18. Demitri is so spotless that he is running in a resident McHenry circuit court judge race from Lake county, while promising to not take a judge pension, while not making it clear that he will be collecting another pension which will pay 85% of the so called “golden plated pension.” He is so spotless that really doesn’t even need the job because he owns a near million dollar mansion. He is a spotless candidate who will serve in the job as a hobby.

    People who work hobby jobs always do the best! And they understand people who didn’t get the same breaks as he did perfectly, when you ask them!

    Vote Demitri!

  19. Oh, he is also a spotless candidate who owns a million dollar home and a half a million dollar home, on an $85,000 state’s attorney salary.

    So no spots here.

  20. The family’s father in law has helped his only grandson with Lake County home 5 mins. away from the hospital.

    Demetri has honest, intergity with his family virtuous values.

    And practices his faith on Sundays.

    That is more than I can say about anyone of this running mates.

  21. Virtuosity in family values…That is more than I can say, about anyone of his running mates.

  22. Hey SGT he doesn’t have any running mates, he is running against people. But apparently you don’t know that, but you are happy to say that is more than you can say, EVENTHOUGH YOU CLEARLY DON’T KNOW.

    Friends don’t let friends post on Cal’s Blog to support them, when they give unsupported friend recommendation.

    Demitri should stop you from posting, because frankly you’re not helping

    Go Demitri!

  23. Oh and if you are Demitri’s friend please tell us how long you have called him “Pete?”

    I wonder what Wilbrandt’s nickname is?

  24. More slime looking for a home in the GOP swamp.

    This incarnation is not the party of Lincoln or Reagan. Way too extreme.

  25. @Lani, why would you throw shade at the honorable Judge Wilbrandt?

    I am certain he did nothing to deserve it.

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