Woodstock Precinct Committeeman Candidate Sends Letter

Here’s a letter from Dorr Township Precinct 2 Republican Precinct Committeeman candidate Richard Rostron:

Richard Rostron

Candidate for Dorr 2 Precinct Committeeman
1112 N Madison St
Woodstock, IL 60098

Dear Neighbor,

We may have spoken recently when I came to your door with a petition to add my name to the ballot for March 20 as a Republican candidate for Dorr 2 Precinct Committeeman.

I live here, on Madison Street, in the district with you.

As a Precinct Committeeman, I understand that my job includes providing endorsements for  candidates you’ll see on the ballot when you go to the polling place at the Free Methodist Church, 934 N Seminary Ave., kitty-corner from the Woodstock Food Mart (you probably know that already).

Rather than wait for the election, I hope you won’t mind if I provide those endorsements now.

• For Governor, I’m endorsing Jeanne Ives. The current governor has been a major
disappointment. Where he’s failed to live up to the promises he made when first
elected, today he says that, this time, we can trust him. Jeanne Ives has demonstrated
far more reason to be trusted and is clear on principles that give Illinois the best
chance to someday dig out of the hole we’re currently in.

• For State Senator, I’m endorsing Craig Wilcox. Craig was an outstanding elected
servant on the County Board. He is the kind of person who will make a difference in
Springfield. He’s the only name on the ballot but, please, get out and cast a vote for
him while you’re there voting for contested positions.

• For County Sheriff, I’m endorsing Bill Prim. It’s a long time since McHenry County has
had a Sheriff of Bill’s character and quality. Bill comes with my highest confidence.

• For County Clerk there is only one choice, though there are two names on the ballot –
Joe Tirio. You may remember Joe as the one who ran and won the position of
County Recorder with two promises. One promise was not to hire his wife if he was
elected. He was elected, and he did not hire his wife (rather sad that such a promise
has to be made). His other promise was to eliminate his position. Joe sees no reason
that the Recorder’s duties can’t also be handled by the County Clerk and he’s
promising to do both jobs from the position of County Clerk, should he win. I believe it
is in our interest to ensure that he does win.

• For District 5’s County Board, I endorse Michael Rein. Michael is a chiropractor with
an office at 1216 N Seminary Ave, just a little north of the Mobil station. He’s also
represents us on the County Board today. In that position, he has fought hard for fiscal
conservatism, playing a significant role in recent county tax cuts, and has fought to
stop the efforts of the Board Chairman who is trying to entrench the position in the
hands of Democrats through the proven Chicago practice of patronage hiring.

• For Judge in the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit, I endorse Demetri Tsilimigras. I’m
not one to endorse judges often but I believe Demetri is an exceptional judge who
deserves my endorsement and our votes.

• Finally, if I (Richard Rostron) can ask for your vote as your Precinct Committeeman,
I’ve gotten involved because I was alarmed by the direction I saw the political winds
blowing. It is my intention to take a stand for limited government and fiscal
conservatism. And that means standing up to the Chicago-machine-type tactics we’re
beginning to see here in McHenry County.

Thank you for your consideration,


= = = = =
If you are running for precinct committeeman as either a Republican or a Democrat and would like to share your precinct letter beyond your precinct, email it to me.


Woodstock Precinct Committeeman Candidate Sends Letter — 11 Comments

  1. Rich will make an excellent committeeman. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and doing a public service. We need more like him!

  2. Great letter Rich!

    You will make a most valuable addition to the Republican Party.

  3. I was going to say the same thing, Jim.

    Also, he probably shouldn’t have said “Craig was an outstanding elected servant on the County Board.” He’s still on the Board.

  4. I like the way he makes picks from within the Republican Party, there’s nothing more unifying than selecting out picks personally as a precinct committeeman in a primary election, but how does he know these candidates will win?.

  5. Especially when you are a candidate for precinct committeeman, in an off year election.

  6. Watching? Huh?

    Precinct Committeeman (and candidates for PC) endorse candidates because they have vetted them, they share info, and their hope is that the candidates they endorse will win.

    He never said he knows they’ll win.

    What are you talking about?

  7. And specifically, (and I have to add that these are some of my picks too, but the point is what is this guy doing this for when he is running for Precinct Committeeman), Prim: has character and quality? What does that mean? Also Prim has no competition. Prim comes with his “highest confidence”. What? Why?

    Why write a letter when you are going to be like the Tribune and not tell us why? Why tell us anything when you are running for precinct committeeman? Do you think your naked opinions without support will help? WHY?

    This may be the biggest suck up letter ever written.

    Why Demitri? Why call him a Judge when he is a States’ Attorney. Then he says “I don’t normally endorse judge candidates” but for this one I will: for no apparent reason. (Reason given, he is a great judge: when Demitri is not a judge at all) LOL And the other reason is that he DESERVED this, for what reason? Oh, none given.

    Don’t say why Tirio is literally the only candidate you could vote for, and give reasons. Heaven’s no.

    I only know my vote would be for anyone else but this apple polisher, but, however, wait for it, he is not running against anyone so the letter is a nonhelpful meaningless plea for those on the ballot to “like him”

    Herb, you were confused? Yeah, I get that.


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