FBI or Northwest Herald …… One Or the Other Is Wrong

The following statement was issued by District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Orville Brettman after the Northwest Herald published its Sunday hit piece.

Let me observe that this is the second weekend in a row that the NWH has played cats paw for Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Franks’ allies are running smear campaigns against those in McHenry County government or those who might be elected to McHenry County government who will not bow and scrape to THE CHAIRMAN.

I believe, if elected

Ersel Schuster and Orville Brettman will be Jack Franks’ Worst Nightmare.

“Prior to my retirement, I put in twenty years of services with the Federal Aviation Administration as a critical power specialist at the Chicago TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control).

All of the radar data for the whole of the greater Chicago area is processed there.

“The Critical power feed I maintained powered those radar processors.

“This job requires a clearance level similar to the secret level clearance I held in the Marines.”

“The vetting for persons who will work on critical air safety systems for the FAA is done by the FBI and typically takes 3 – 4 weeks.

“”In my case I know they contacted people who I had gone to High School with, because I heard from these friends after the fact.

Were even a little bit of the allegations these political hacks are printing was true; even the slightest bit, don’t you think the FBI would have found it?

“They didn’t find it because it was nothing but allegations put forward by communists. A fiction created out of whole cloth.”

On his web site, Brettman has a prominently placed section which says the following:


In the days of fake news and relentless bashing of our President, no one escapes – not even a Vietnam War Marine Corps Veteran seeking a seat on the McHenry County Board.

From deep inside the halls of perversion once called our County seat – and from the lips of RINOs  [Republicans In Name Only] passing themselves off as loyal Republicans – come some very juicy, albeit completely untrue, rumors.

He’s a racist and a white supremacist.

The Left has never been that original, or clever, but simply using the same name- calling that they employ against the President of the United States won’t work in a community as small as the 6th district of McHenry County.

Why, you ask?

This is why …….

This is my beloved wife of going on 26 years. She’s a Filipino. Born and raised near Manila in the Philippines until the age of 30 and now for many years a citizen of the United States.

She was a LEGAL immigrant.

She now works for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Who ever heard of a racist white supremacist happily married to a legal immigrant from the Philippines?

Even someone with a silly pink hat can do better than that!

He was a ‘Right Wing Spy’ who worked for the CIA.

There’s no news like old news, and this one is ancient. Forty-two (42) years ago at the end of the Vietnam War the Cook County States Attorney’s office, in an effort to bring closure to the civil conflict which had enveloped the Country during the war, convened a grand jury to investigate allegations brought by

  • the ‘Communist Party USA’,
  • the ‘Socialist Workers Party’, and
  • the ‘Young Socialist Alliance’.

These outstanding pillars of democratic virtue (NOT!) alleged that they had been spied upon, harassed, and intimidated, as well as burgled.

They alleged that these acts had taken place during the years 1968 and 1969. Forty nine (49) years ago.

Many persons were called to testify regarding the allegations, including the head of the CIA, the head of the FBI, the Chicago police commissioner, the head of the 113th Army Intelligence unit headquartered out of Evanston, Illinois; dozens of Chicago police officers from its intelligence unit known as the ‘Red Squad”, and a handful of civilians who today would be called ‘government contractors’. Back then these ‘contractors’ were alleged to belong to some super-secret and previously unheard of group known as the Legion of Justice.

I was one of those called to testify.

Fortunately I was occupied elsewhere in 1968, I was in Vietnam fighting other communists.

Upon my return in late May of 1969 I enrolled at Northern Illinois University, where I studied Business Administration and participated in the fully legal activities of several Veterans groups.

It is my participation with these veterans groups which I believe led me to being caught up in this very widely cast dragnet instigated at the behest of the communist left.

Long story short, even after all these years I can’t help but chuckle. The score was Spies and Cops: 1; Communists: 0.

No charges or indictments of any kind

No Fines

No Convictions

The Records of the Grand Jury were sealed by order of the Court and all who testified were sworn to never reveal the contents of the questions they were asked, nor the answers given.

Prior to my retirement, I put in twenty years of services with the Federal Aviation Administration as a critical power specialist at the Chicago TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control).

All of the radar data for the whole of the greater Chicago area is processed there.

The Critical power feed I maintained powered those radar processors.

This job requires a clearance level similar to the secret level clearance I held in the Marines.

There were no ‘Right Wing Spies’ at the Chicago TRACON, either.


FBI or Northwest Herald …… One Or the Other Is Wrong — 22 Comments

  1. Ersel Schuster and Orville Brettman, excellent vote.

    Want justice in McHenry County?

    These are your guys!

    Soild, vote. Yes!

  2. I just shared this in the comment section of the NWH.

    If this isn’t put in some type of retort in the NWH, they will win the negative media battle.

  3. When it comes to cats paw, nobody plays it like our sunshine blogger. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  4. “Want justice in McHenry County? These are your guys”! I agree, no better justice than the legion of justice. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowww…

  5. I’ve known Orv and his family for more than 20 years, a very happy, hard working guy, an avid astronomer, and retired person who knows he can do better and help his fellow residents.

    He will do well on our County Board.

  6. This Chicago style politics and disgusting made up attacks right before elections is sickening. Any guesses how it got here?

    Vote for Ersel and Orv!

  7. They are pulling out all the stops now.

    NWH has yet ANOTHER hit piece on Orville.

    Anyone that still reads that Commie paper is a complete nitwit.

  8. Ah yes, yet another tale of that all-powerful local Democratic party!

    Just my two cents but it makes me question everything you say when you whine about “relentless bashing of the President.”

  9. JoeK? He’s talking about the fake news! Have you NOT heard what is going on? We had EIGHT years of an illegal CIA puppet and you never heard anything like this as we do now for a legitimate REALLY good guy. Wake up, dude. Any fake excuse they can make up and they are hollering from the rooftops. You are the one doing the whining. BTW Parties are NOT powerful. If you are paying attention, you might notice that the Democrats, in particular, have screwed themselves into the ground.

  10. Wow. NWH. Thought you guys were above that crap.

    Mr. Brettman has my vote.

  11. Re: “all-powerful local Democratic party!”

    The local Democrat party is not the issue here.

    The issue is a professional politician who has successfully deceived local voters (especially those who also hold political office) for years.

    This professional politician is not very well liked within his own party.

    They fear him but do not apparently respect him.

    His fervent support for Clinton should tell you everything you need to know about him.

    There are still many who consider him a ‘nice guy’.

    He is as nice as a weasel in a chicken house (imo and no death threat intended).
    Weasels are very cunning.

    He is ruthless and has a lot of money to back him up – mostly union contributions.

    Just ask anyone who has disagreed with him – he is as nasty as they come and when successfully challenged always plays his ‘Jew’ card.

    Here is an article about another person who operated similarly: https://newrepublic.com/article/106319/sheldon-adelson-and-jew-card

    Remember this: The ‘hit’ pieces being sent out in this election in this county are no different than the propaganda machine perfected by a guy who was a participant in the Holocaust.

    The person I am referring to is in my opinion a sociopath.

    In 1941 a book was written – The Mask of Sanity – in it 16 characteristics of a sociopath are listed – this guy displays almost every one of them.

    Vote for Tirio, Wheeler, Rein, Brettman and Schuster to try to rein in the sociopath.

  12. Everyone has history, some have history that should preclude them from office. This is probably one such person.

  13. Stevie B have you ever met or spoken with Orv?

    Hard to believe he could have completed a career of public service if any of the anonymous attacks were remotely true or accurate.

    These vicious attacks are all coming from an anonymous source at a fake address in Cook County.

    Strange that the attacks would be against Jack Franks strongest opponents, Joe Tirio, Orv, Ersel Schuster and Chuck Wheeler.

  14. If it were indeed inaccurate, I would expect to see a law sit not a webpage post.

    Being married to a immigrant does not do anything to support or deny racists behavior- in fact, in some cases, like a mail order bride, it reinforces it.

    And getting a Secret clearance from the military merely acknowledges the existence of prior behavior- it is not an advance clearance- for example, You can smoked pot or had a DUI as long as it is admitted to.

    So , unfortunately- this does nothing to make me feel at ease yet.

  15. Inish, I can agree with you on the mail-order bride thing if the woman is cast into a typical subservient role.

    This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth, in this situation.

    Orv’s wife works for the FAA in a highly technological position in Security, now!

    If she were married to a right-winged version of Bill Ayers, there’s no way she would have that job and neither would he have had that job either.

  16. This is an irresponsible tabloid smear piece.

    Elgin’s Daily Courier is long gone.

    The Herald should think about that for a moment.

    Working in tandem with the Round Mound is only going to slaughter what little credibility they may have left.

    It’s rather obvious that that is what they’re doing.

    Only a measly 20% of the county’s population subscribes to

    that little tabloid as it is.

    But then again the Dems manage to run everything into the ground.

  17. VOTE. Orville and Ersel..anyone want to know about the underbelly of district 6..just let me know..I have stacks of examples.The sleeze starts here.You have no idea.

  18. The Northworst Hearld gives our community a bad name.The publisher is the head of the Board for Pioneer center. A mental health organization that should be shut down. Awful ..loosing funding etc..

  19. The smear pieces and robocalls are put out by Democrats. . . anonymous Democrats. Even the one that says
    ‘This is Joseph from the Real Republicans’. The dirty Chicago sleaze is here.

    No Fines
    No Convictions
    No charges or indictments of any kind

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