Turnout Analysis Time — 6 Comments

  1. Dems rarely vote early yet they are doing so now. McHenry County May flip to Democrats.

  2. If you count all of the RINOs as being part of the Democratic Party, then you are correct.

    Under that standard, the County Board is already blue.

  3. Is this 2016 data, or 2018? One look at the top line begs the question.

  4. Do you have the numbers for the 2014 race? Did we have early voting then?

  5. Sorry, but I do not.

    You could ask the County Clerk if she has a web page that shows the early voting breakdown by day.

    Probably not for 2014, though, because she didn’t take office until December, 2014.

    That is a good idea.

    Why not pass it on to Joe Tirio?

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