Commenters Point to McClellan as Sender of Wilbrandt Hit Piece

The weekend before last I put up an article about the hit piece sent out to defame Judge Robert Wilbrandt’s candidacy for a six-yer term.

I run it again, not to give credence to the anonymous charges of a committee called “McHenry County Judicial Ethics,” but because commenters have found evidence pointing to opponent McClellan as being involved with it.

Commenters focused in on the word “temperment” in his anonymous piece of negative mail against Judge Robert Wilbrndt.

Let’s go to the relevant comments.

Note the misspelling of the word temperament in the mailer (they spelled it “temperment”).

Check the other candidates websites to see who has the same spelling error.

Very good catch, Michael.

Google that misspelling with mchenry and the hit you get is…..back to a comment on this blog from Cecile Willis on 12.9.17.


I think Michael was referring to our County Clerk’s website, where the exact same misspelling occurs.

Michael has a point. Billy Bob too.

Consider the source of this “hit piece”.

Billy Bob, you had me excited, but she spells it correctly in the title, and I could not see the word elsewhere.

Where is the misspelling “temperament” on her page?

Sorry, that autocorrected. The misspelling is “temperment”.

She or her webmaster must have just fixed it.

I have a window open on my phone browser in which the headline is misspelled ‘temperment’.

It looks as if someone in her campaign follows this blog.

The misspelling on Mary McClellans’s campaign web site disappeared after commenters wrote about it.

Cindy on  said:

Should have screen captured her mistake. LOL

Time machine anyone?

Good idea, Cindy.

I just saved it.

This is getting quite John Grisham.

Lol Billy Bob. Cool!

Temperament was misspelled as temperment
the typo ‘means-spiritedness’ should be ‘mean-spiritedness’

All McClellan had to do was copy and paste from the Herald Letter to the Editor and she couldn’t do that right!

PEOPLE, what do you expect from a thug democrat who calls the Gubernatorial Race “The Goober National Race?” in a public board meeting, no less!

She’s a stupid Democrat from Crook County (working closely with Franks-D) and is running as a Republican.

They call her ‘McCLUSTERFUKC for a reason! (see how I misspelled that one on purpose to further mock her idiocy and illiteracy?)

Wow talk about a photoshop job! LOL Thanks for capturing Billy Bob. I screenshot it too. What a disaster she is.

Wilbrandt has baggage but I’m not buying this stolen valor accusation until someone has the conscience to come forward and tell their story, not an anonymous accusation from his opponent who can’t run on her own record….because she sucks!

We KNOW what McCluster has done.

We have documents and some are caught on recordings, and now these hit pieces and who she’s connected with.

This “Lawyer” doesn’t even know the law (or she thinks the law doesn’t pertain to her.)

She would lower the bar of our the County’s Court system.

I noticed the misspelling on her website months ago, and it was one of the things that turned me off about her candidacy.

If she can’t spell “temperament” correctly on her own website, and didn’t even bother to spell check it, what does that say about her intellectual capacity?

Yes, it’s just spelling, but we want and need judges to be intellectual giants, and her failure to notice it or correct it speaks volumes about her intellect, in my opinion.

The exact same misspelling on the anonymous hit piece on Wilbrandt could be a total coincidence, or it could be something else.

The fact that it was just corrected on her campaign web page sure is interesting, though.

Temperament is one of the categories in the ISBA advisory poll of judicial candidates.

The fact that is was misspelled in exactly the same way in both places is what looks suspicious to me.

That, and the fact that the misspelling was corrected on MM’s campaign page shortly after Michael pointed it out here.

Hahah so she’s watching this blog very closely. (during business hours no less)

That’s okay it’s been screenshot and archived for all to see her stupidity.

“Goober National Election!”


Billy Bob? And who exactly introduced such an archaic word into the ISBA advisory? Keep looking. You are hot on the trail.

Who will send me a screen shot?

This is how her page looks now:

Here is a cache of how her page looked on 2/9/18:

Notice that in the cached version, temperament is misspelled ‘temperment’, the same way it was misspelled in the hit piece.

I have a pdf copy of the webpage from earlier today, that I took from my phone, that shows that it was still misspelled. I will e-mail it to you, but it’s pretty much the same as the cached version.

Sounds like who ever did this hit piece specifically used the Word and then

Copied it to make it look like it was McClellan.

Who else’s would go through that much trouble toahowir someone else. I heard Demetri did this or at least his minions



Commenters Point to McClellan as Sender of Wilbrandt Hit Piece — 9 Comments

  1. So, all this innuendo and gossip.

    What are the facts?

    Is there truth to the statements?

    That is what voters deserve to know.

    Show why we should vote for him.

  2. You can see why you SHOULDN’T vote for McClusterfnck.

    She can’t even spell. She doesn’t know the law, she lies and now she’s blaming someone else for this hit piece?

    Who’s the ONLY opponent Wilbrandt went after with the FACTS?

    That’s another reason why you shouldn’t vote for her. She cant deal with facts or accountability.

    I’m voting for Demetri (if he was not in the race it would be Wilbrandt)

    I guarantee something is going to go sideways with this election because all she does is screw up!

  3. Demetri doesn’t need to send cowardly anonymous attacks using fake PACs.

    He runs on his own clean and ethical merit while others sling mud at one another.

    Besides, Demetri (and “his minions”) know how to spell and use word-processing software beyond a third grade level.

    His name should not even be associated with this unprincipled filth.

  4. ‘jason billin’ (Obviously McCluster) is showing herself to be exactly the one behind it.

    The more she talks and types, the deeper in doo doo she gets.

    Therefore anyone with two braincells would never use her as a lawyer, so they sure as Hell wouldn’t vote this in as Judge?

  5. Damn it, I didn’t make the replay.

    What was the good reason to vote for Demitri?

    He would make a great Lake County judge.

  6. Is anyone else wondering what can be done about all the county funding 10% Mary is getting with her early voting campaign.

    She has no shame and I look forward to Tirio filing charges against her once her frivolous and ill-advised campaign is over.

    She is really a horrible candidate and a sorry excuse for a human being.

  7. I don’t think he can. The public should have been going to county board meetings and protesting to county board members.
    It would do absolutely no good to address the chairman seeing according to her was working closely with her on all these polling place changes. And he has her sign in his yard along with big JB Pritzker.
    And that’s how we know McClellan is a Democrap!

  8. I have personally tried many case both bench trials and jury trials. These efficiencies have save hundreds of thousands of dollars to McHenry County taxpayers.Anyone who knows me will tell you I am enthusiast and dedicated.

    Above are just three sentences a wannabe judge printed on her campaign flyer. I wonder how she made it through law school. When I was in high school it was expected for students to be able to compose a grammatically correct sentence.
    I pity the poor folks of McHenry County if she wins.

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