Why Did District 4 Count Board Candidate Steve Bellmore Give an Incomplete Answer to the NWH about Previous Elected Offices Held?

When Steve Bellmore, the candidate selected to knock Jack Franks critique Chuck Wheeler off the County Board, filled out his questionnaire for the Northwest Herald, he gave an incomplete answer to the following question:

Elected office held:

Steve Bellmore running for the McHenry High School Board in 2011.

Bellmore’s reply was that he had served on the McHenry High School District 156 School Board since 2011.

Same with the Daily Herald when he ran for school board in 2015:

Elected offices held: Current district 156 Board Member

Look far enough back in the NWH archives and you’ll see that Bellmore was a Trustee of the Village of Lakemoor.

Not really hard to find that information.

I Googled “Lakemoor, Steve Bellmore” and found this:

Northwest Herald from Woodstock, Illinois on June 13, 1997 · Page 1


Jun 13, 1997 – Steve Bellmore Lakemoor trustee couldn’t seem to rid the black sooted image from their minds. In Fox Lake, trustees there rejected the plant because it would have been a half-mile from a school and in Volo trustees didn’t want to encumber future residents in Fox .Lake. “It wasn’t right to cause those people …

Also found using Google listing are these:

Sergeant Dismissed Over Shooting Case

In sworn testimony, Lakemoor Police Officer Keith Albert told the committee that he, Dicklin and Village Trustee Steve Bellmore had been invited to a party at Farschi’s home after a charity golf outing on the afternoon of Oct. 24, 1996.

At one point in the party, Albert said, Farschi, a gun collector, invited Bellmore to fire one of his semiautomatic pistols off his back deck into the marshland behind his home. Neither Albert nor Dicklin took steps to stop the gun play, Albert testified.

From a March 24, 1997, Chicago Tribune article:

Lakemoor Cop Fails In Appeal To Regain Job

The investigation into Dicklin’s alleged misbehavior began shortly after an Oct. 5 charity golf outing. At the event, Trustee Steve Bellmore allegedly fired a handgun into the marshland behind the home of Lakemoor resident Ed Farschi in the presence of Dicklin, Farschi and Police Officer Keith Albert.

Lakemoor Police Officer Gary Spoerry responded to the scene after a neighbor called police to report gunshots. No one was injured or arrested in the incident…

Bellmore, Cichoski and Hendrickson were absent from the March 20 meeting, and the meeting was adjourned just before the appeal hearing when Povidas left, saying she had “too many unanswered questions” about Dicklin’s dismissal.

“I have contacted (McHenry County State’s Atty.) Gary Pack’s office,” she told Reakes at the March 20 meeting. “We are handling this item differently than we’ve handled any other item in the five years I’ve been on the Village Board.”

Bellmore has not attended a board meeting since February. He was seen minutes before the March 13 meeting but did not attend.

From an October 22, 1997, Chicago Tribune article:

Probation For Fired Lakemoor Sergeant

Ex-cop Pleads Guilty In Misconduct Case

Dicklin was fired from the Lakemoor department March 6 after he allegedly falsified reports and withheld information about the firing of a handgun by Village Trustee Steve Bellmore into a marshland behind the home of Ed Farschi shortly after a charity golf outing on Oct. 5, 1996.

These articles might explain why Bellmore wants people to ignore his Lakemoor Village Trustee service:


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  1. Do not hold your breath waiting for a ‘hit’ piece from the address off the interstate in Crook County.

    By supporting this guy, Pam Althoff yet again proves ‘birds of a feather flock together’, even vultures do.

    However, weasels are more solitary by nature.

  2. Funny- You seemed to have failed to highlight the past police reports of your Village President, Cal.

    SO much for balanced reporting.

  3. Inish, (Mary Margaret Maule)
    Why is it that you only seem to stop eating long enough to talk unfounded smack?

  4. Lol Farmer, I Google imaged Mary Margaret Maule and you are correct. She is one homely beast! Definitely resembles a Bull Mastiff, but with bigger jowls.

    Crystal Lake Chamber mixers must get brutal with Mary circling the appetizer tray.

  5. Maule (pronounced Maul) is a good name for her.

    She’s one of those typical angry progressive ball mauling man haters.

    Sad bitter self-loathing woman’s libbers.

  6. Him, Althoff, and Wheeler.

    2 will advance.

    Heads up: The county board will likely have many more RINOs and Democrats next year.

    Pam RINO Althoff and her neighbor Six gun Steve won’t do a thing to help taxes, overspending, or keeping Franks from walkin’ off with the county.

  8. Bullet vote- when you can vote for 2 or more, just vote for the one that is most important to retain or get.
    In this case Just A Vote for Chuck would help the most,

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