Jack Franks’ Allies Focus on Criticizing Michael Rein

As predictable as wet sidewalks during a thunderstorm was a hit piece against one of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ harshest critics, Woodstock’s Michael Rein.

Here’s what allies of THE CHAIRMAN calling themselves the “Illinois Integrity Fund”have sent out:
Rein ‘s Rebuittal

This continues to be nothing more than a smear campaign of untruths, lies, and trying to mislead our taxpayers.

Michael Rein

Who is the Illinois Integrity Fund?

I have not reached $100,000 in Healthcare Benefits or mileage.

I have only taken $26.86 in mileage which means that I would have had to take $99,973.14 in Healthcare Benefits over the past 3 years.

Of course I am no where near this mark that is being iied about by Illinois Integrity Fund but elections are not based on facts and truths it appears.

I encourage taxpayers when you get a robocall or see something like a mailing that looks untrue or questionable and you are questioning whether it is true or not, the easiest thing you can do is pick up the phone and call your elected official.

If you believe everything you hear or see that is questionable you are not going to be getting the facts.

The other best way is to get out and talk to people which I have been doing!

I have met many great people talking and explaining our County Government and what my positions have been.

It is unfortunate that as a County we are one of the top taxed Counties in the Nation and elected officials want to talk about fiscal responsibility but not do what needs to be done.

  • Allowing things such as extra positions for the County Board Chairman that cost the taxpayers $200,000 a year.
  • Not giving back $586,000, when a bond expired, to the taxpayers.

These are things that could have been done but instead other County Board Members think it is not that big a deal! The abatements are only 1 year relief and sustainable cuts are what taxpayers need.

Every little bit counts because it can add up to millions in savings.

I will always continue to fight for our taxpayers and do what I feel is right to decrease the burden in McHenry County!

People can visit my facebook page at Vote For Rein and I have statements there about the robocalls and this mailing.


Jack Franks’ Allies Focus on Criticizing Michael Rein — 1 Comment

  1. So misleading. Every county board member taking health insurance has cost us that much or MORE. Dr. Rein is single. We’re not paying for spouse/children like we do for others.

    This is clear: This is a typical democrap smear campaign and all candidates that Franks doesn’t want questioning him are the targets.

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