How To Keep IDOT From Lowering Speed Limit Again on Route 62

The Illinois Department of Transportation is planning to widen Route 62 from the Barrington Hills Village Hall to Algonquin.

The speed limit on Route 62 is now 55 MPH.

If IDOT installs curbs, expect the speed limit to drop to 45 Miles Per Hour, as it did on Route 14 north of Crystal Lake.

Wednesday night the Algonquin Township Board may adopt a resolution urging IDOT not to install curbs on a widened Algonquin Road.

Here is the resolution that I proposed as a first draft:

Resolution Urging Illinois Department of Transporation Not to Install Curbs on Any More of Route  62

Whereas commuters to and from McHenry County used to be able to travel at 55 Miles Per Hour along Illinois Route 62 from the Barrington Hills Village Hall to Barrington Road,

Whereas millions of tax dollars were spent to winder that part of Route 62,

Whereas after the “improvement” the speed limit was lowered from 55 MPH to 45 MPH,

Whereas something similar happened when Route 14 was widened from Route `76 to Woodstock,

Whereas resulting speed limits were also lowered by ten miles per hours,

Whereas such a reduction makes no sense to Algonquin Township Board members, not mention
residents throuighout McHenry County,

Whereas the rumor mill says that installation of curbs was the excuse used to lower the speed limit on raods that to virtually everyone seem safer than when they were two lanes,

Whereas Route 72 through South Barringon has a speed limit of 55 Miles Per Hour,

Whereas this Board bellieves the higher speed limit results from there being no curbs on that section of Route 72,

Now, therefore, be it resolvied, that the Algonquin Village Board urges the Illinois Department of
Transporation not to install curbs should Route 62 be widened from the Barrington Hills Village Hall to the Village of Alqonuin,

Be it futher resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to IDOT's District Engineer, all legislators representing any part of Route 62 east of Barrington Road and any part of McHenry County, plus Governor Bruce Rauner, plus all municipal boards representing any part of McHenry County, plus all McHenry County township boards and highway commissioners.


How To Keep IDOT From Lowering Speed Limit Again on Route 62 — 7 Comments

  1. But just think of all the revenue enhancement opportunities a reduction of
    the speed limit would garner for all the municipalities – what a windfall !

  2. They could use a flatter R3 curb then the speed limit wouldn’t have to be reduced.

    Barrington Hills PD likes lower than normal speed limits.

  3. Until the state decides to widen Route 62 the entire length from Route 25 to Route 59, it’s not even worth talking about.

  4. That is the plan, I believe.

    Roads and most public policy is incremental.

  5. We keep hearing about “failing infrastructure”, and there are surely projects that need to be done. But there are also a lot of projects that completely fail the basic economics test. That is, they cost more than they’re worth, often millions of dollars for dubious or minor improvement to traffic flow.

    They widened 14 from Crystal Lake to Woodstock. It’s a great road. Four wide lanes, a divider down the middle. Traffic really flows!

    Do I get to Woodstock any faster than when it was two lanes? No. Maybe a minute faster.

    They’ve pushed through widening Randall Road. Was Randall Road at capacity? No. And when I say, “No”, I don’t mean that is simply my personal opinion. Traffic data from the County showed it was close to capacity at rush hour and the only problem was the lack of dual left turn lanes north and south. The solution? Six through lanes, TRIPLE left turn lanes, and dedicated right turn lanes. Also more stop lights and a lower speed limit. The result will be barely reduced travel time (except for the benefit of the left turn lanes). And the cost? Literally several times what the average highway costs to build here in northern Illinois.

    If Rauner really wanted to save money, he’d reign in the IDiOT.

  6. I’m just wondering why, since NONE of the roadway slated for future potential widening is within the Algonquin village limits, they would even care? The speed limit on Route 62 west of the area in question (you know, the roadway that already IS in Algonquin) is already 45mph.

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