Robert Wilbrandt Touts Bar Association Rating & Endorsements in Mailing

Judge Robert Wilbrandt uses his position as a sitting judge, the top Bar Association rating and newspaper endorsements to advance his candidacy in a mailing that arrived today.

Because the postcard is larger than my scanner can take, sides are cut off.


Robert Wilbrandt Touts Bar Association Rating & Endorsements in Mailing — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, a newspaper endorsed him, ah. They said he had the job before and for no reason given he was the clear choice (Tribune). The attorneys also voted that he was a sitting judge and should get votes. When he wasn’t a sitting judge the bar gave him the failure treatment.

    Of course no one will know this at voting time. The Northwest Herald made no endorsement of candidates: A stunning indictment on this race that no one paid attention to.

  2. A highly respected retired Judge told me Judge Willbrandt is one of the smartest Judges we have
    and highly recommends him.

  3. Wilbrandt is somewhat unusual among McHenry County judges because he actually graduated from a top law school (Northwestern), and he could probably make considerably more money in the private sector if he wished to.

    The other three candidates all went to bottom tier law schools and their employment options are far more limited if they are not elected – think SA’s office or traffic court.

  4. If you claim you won’t vote for somone that robo calls you, who is left to vote for? They all do it. It’s part of campaigning. Just don’t answer your phone if you don’t want to deal with it. If that’s what it takes to lose your vote, then that’s a vote worth losing.

  5. The Bench is just for those that are part of the Elitist Group. Shame on you voters for thinking otherwise. Carry On..

  6. Something is wrong if a guy like Wilbrandt is getting smeared. I just don’t understand why this race went so nasty!

  7. To say that Judge Wildbrandt is one of the smartest judges we have speaks volumes for the low standard.
    Nothing against him personally, but he is not that smart.

  8. Judge Wilbrandt is a highly intelligent and thoughtful person. He has performed his duties as a judge with integrity and honor for over eleven years. One opponent, in particular, has chosen to attack this good and decent man because of blind ambition and self-centeredness. This alone should give Judge Wilbrandt the overwhelming support he deserves in this election.

  9. Willbrandt is a such a delight. Yeah, right!

    He was the worst teacher I ever had at MCC, and that’s saying something!

  10. You went to school? Did you skip grammar and spelling. Did you also skip philosophy and math? And clearly all that happened to you in school was you got your ass kicked, so now you can anonymously try to get revenge by being a horse’s ass on a blog. Box checked, I guess?

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