Anonymous Author Sends Davis/Tsilimigras Letter — 11 Comments

  1. So I guess you vote the other way, because some coward sent a letter without putting their mark on it, meaning that there must be something wrong with these two.

  2. I’ve grown really tired of hearing lifetime government employees talk about their service to the community.

    More than likely, the government gigs were better jobs than either of them could get in the private sector.

  3. I distrust letters I get from people/entities that don’t have return addresses.

  4. Since 911 a return address is required. If you go to a window trying to mail something without one, they will not take it. If they are put in a box, they process it because it has been paid for and have not choice. I went to my post office 2 days ago and tried to put a greeting card in the big box drive up. The box was so full nothing else could be put in it. Maybe it was this kind of mailing that stuffed it. If either of these candidates are aware of this mailing that does not show any kind of address or who is putting it out, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED. We do not need judges like this. These are expensive color copies and they are paying 50cents for each one mailed and the labels are costly. The labels were printed from voting lists. This was very organized AND EXPENSIVE.

  5. Nothing I read in the “letter” is untrue; it also shows somebody’s “opinion” of how they’ve served the public, yes. But the time tables and where they’ve both worked is truth; unless one can prove otherwise?!?

  6. AZ – state board of elections requires candidates to identify on mailings. IF a candidate did this, it is wrong.

  7. @JustinFun, it’s hard out there for a troll! But I am still suspicious.

  8. I’m tired of people who cannot spell “extensive” properly….

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