Ersel Schuster Sends Letter on Behalf of Candidates Being Attacked by Jack Franks’ Allies

Here is a letter that District 6 McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster is sending to prospective voters.

It has the advantage of being stuffed with relevant information about the election.

It has the disadvantage of having a lot of words that marginal voters won’t plow through.

Ersel Schuster, Candidate

McHenry County Board – District 6
58 Autumn Glen Dr., Unit 103 – Harvard, IL 60033
815-338-2207 –

Dear Neighbor,

Ersel Schuster

No doubt you have received the ugly, and very expensive, campaign “hit” pieces and “robo calls” against

  • Joe Tirio,
  • Orville Brettman and myself,
  • Ersel Schuster.

There will be more of the same on the way!

While unidentified, those behind the attacks are so desperate and frightened of us, they will spare no costs, and will go to any length to discredit, malign and distort reality.

We welcome questions and ask that you go to our websites where you can see that what is being said, is the exact opposite of our personal experiences, philosophies and goals for the positions we seek.

The McHenry County board is in turmoil and well on the way to becoming a clone of Chicago politics and headed for the same financial condition.

The board claims to have reduced your tax levy by 11.2%. Simply put, this is smoke-n’-mirrors.

They did NOT reduce the 2018 levy.

For the past 15+ months, the majority of McHenry County Board Members, our representatives, have repeatedly abdicated their responsibilities as they have been cowed into submission to deliver outcomes desired by one individual.

Barnes, Kurtz, Heisler, Rein, Thorsen, Walkup, Wheeler and Wilcox stand out as willing to follow the Rules and work for us.

Board members who question and challenge the inappropriate, and unethical manner in which our county government is being run, have systematically been singled out, shouted down and their personal lives and businesses have been targeted; all to deliver the message that they need to back down and fall into line.

This is easily verified by listening to the audio/video recordings of the board meetings; through written threats, and men picketing members’ place of employment and businesses.

In 35+ years observing county government, I have never witnessed anything like this.

Past McHenry County Boards have worked hard to move the county from a less than financially stable condition, to a AAA bond rated position.

We cannot afford to re-elect members who ignore their own Board Rules and totally disrespect us, the taxpayers.

It is time to make the effort and to make your vote count on March 20th.

We invite you to check out our websites: Joe Tirio:; Orville Brettman:, and Ersel Schuster:

Additional contact information can be found there as well.

As always, I am available to answer your questions and encourage you to phone or email me.


Ersel Schuster Sends Letter on Behalf of Candidates Being Attacked by Jack Franks’ Allies — 26 Comments

  1. Jack Franks’ “allies” or Jack Franks’ “minions” and ‘paid flacks”?

  2. A good video to think about:

    Patriots like Brettmann and Schuster are just the early victims of the false ‘Racist’ smear …jews like Franks, or a member of any racial minority can never be accused of racism … this applies to sexual minorities too, like Brian Sage the Clown-Mayor of Woodstock, or certain Township Assessors.

    At some point people like Ersel and Orville will be jailed and barred from even running, perhaps they will even be killed for their conviction of capital ‘hate crimes.’

    We live in strange times, but logic and reality should always be our focus, no matter how hard those two
    verities turn out to actually be.

  3. Nothing more patriotic than the legion of justice…tic, meow, tic, meow, tic, meeeooowwwww…

  4. Unfortunately, the letter failed to mention the immense pain and suffering Klaatu Barada Nikto has gone through during this entire ordeal. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, meeeoooowwwww…

  5. Just in case there is any confusion:

    The Legion of Justice was anti-communist .

    The Teachers union is communist.

    Questions anyone?

  6. Why is this lunatic candidate denying his affiliation and participation with this patriotic, anti-communist, pro-American organization? Go figure that one. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  7. Shuster, the epitome of the loud mouth, far right, narrow-minded, bigoted, hateful Republican ( see swordfish post above for another example) that wants to think we can go back to the pure white 50’s. Hopefully her breed is dying out as time passes and younger, better educated people step up, Republican and Democrat. She has an ego to match Trumps (and that is almost impossible for a normal person.). I suppose it helps make an elderly person feel relevant to think only she can save the County Board. She rants about all the “dangers” of the current board and then makes “hit man” threats when she thinks no one will know it’s her. Nasty little insight into her personality. District 6, we’re bigger people than this! Choose your vote carefully.

  8. I wish you would pick your own moniker, yours is too close to mine. Although my sense is that the Schuster, Brettman duo may be in their last races here, are they both over 70? We will see how the voters judge the storm of publicity they have received in the past month.

  9. Watching, I had mine first so maybe you would like to change yours? There is “another watcher” too. I’m not a regular poster but have followed this blog for a long time. I hope this will be Shuster’s last race and we won’t have to hear from her again. Cal certainly gives her enough space to rant. It seems like she can’t help but want to be at the trough and always felt justified at drawing two salaries, one from the township and one from the county board. You’d think she’d collected enough by now to retire and give us a break! I don’t know much about Brettman but his close association to Shuster doesn’t speak well for him. I hope the voters in district 6 choose wisely. Anyway, Watching, I like your name and sometimes your posts.

    Ersel Shyster said that the 11.2% tax cut is not real. Chuck Wheeler sent his mailer out today claiming that he cut property taxes 11.2%. Is Ersel is calling Chuck a liar?!

  11. Well, the wild, untruthful statements made by “The Watcher” have to be addressed. Let’s start off with the fact that Ms Schuster is not an employee or elected official of any township. Used to be in the past, but hasn’t been for years. Guess you are very out of touch and out of date, The Watcher.

    Next, Ms. Schuster has NEVER made any threats against anyone. Once again, this a slanderous untruth that people such as The Watcher seems to enjoy tossing around. I expect that is because they are unable to discuss the facts in any intelligent way.

    As to better educated. Ms. Schuster does hold a master’s degree. AS to age; solid experience, and honesty are some of the best assets for anyone.

    Next, I’ve often found it to be the case that when people resort to using a string of derogatory terms against someone it is because they are quite lacking in their reasoning.

    On one point, The Watcher and I do agree. The voters in District 6 do need to choose wisely. By voting for Ms. Schuster and Mr. Brettman the people will be supporting really good people to represent them on the County Board.

    One last observation. I’ve lived in McHenry County for nearly 50 years and have Never seen such nasty, slanderous, mud-sling as we are seeing this year. We are better than this folks. Lets get back to discussing the facts and qualifications of the candidates.

  12. Can it be that Shuster has two blog names, Baaktu and Patricia Kennedy? Check the facts. Shuster collected from a township salary and county board at the same time. I suppose the threatening entry tracked back to her home was just an error. As for lacking in reasoning, if the shoe fits…

  13. No, Ersel is not posting as Patricia Kennedy. I am friends with Patricia. She is a Precinct Committeewoman, and is Commonsensed and Principled.

    If you actually read the article on Ersel a few weeks ago , the paper had to admit that the States Atty said there was no threat and it was her husband making a joke on a blog about weasels.

    The fact that Jack Franks wants to see himself as a weasel in Aesop’s Fable is his problem. I always thought he was self-loathing.

    What Patricia said was correct about the politics never being so ugly as they are this election.

    Gee what changed with the last election?

    Jack Franks progressive Democrat is the new chairman of the County Board.

  14. NO need for anybody to vote, ‘An American’ a likely non-American, has decreed “SHE WON’T WIN”

    Quick call Typhoid Mary, our wondrous Clerk to pull her name from the ballot.

    I will now call friends who live in her Dist. to get out to vote for her, like I did with Trump. Thanks for activating me Jack Franks and his prawns (yes prawns not pawns, bc you are such low lifes on the phylogenetic tree of earthly life.

    She just got 9 more votes, and that’s a conservative estimate.

  15. Russia ! Russia ! Russia !!! The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!! ‘Tis the same bullhocky the Socialist, Communist, democrat potty (oops party) has tried to spread from the Washington swamp down to the McHenry County blog.

    Grow up, trolls. It’s time to reach puberty.

  16. @Patricia Kennedy. You don’t think Ersel made the comments as Klaatu? Wait a moment while I pick myself off the floor from laughter. Okay, better.

    Secondly, Ersel says ,”While unidentified, those behind the attacks are so desperate and frightened of us, they will spare no costs, and will go to any length to discredit, malign and distort reality.”

    That could be a reverse setup. See how bad I am attacked, I must be good. It might not be, but I am not totally convinced that this isn’t a ploy. Without those “attacks” would she get any press at all?

    Hey I could be wrong, but if it were the way I said, it would play out exactly like this.

  17. And i think Truth, made my point. As a result of these “attacks” she got 9 more votes.

    If a plan works, it works.

  18. Word to the wise: the McHenry County machine has been a carbon copy of the Chicago machine since the time of the pharaohs, only on red paper, and Ersel was a unionized machinist!

  19. Patricia Kennedy, Shuster DID collect two taxpayer salaries for years as township supervisor and county board member. I don’t know what degree she got 70 some years ago but I would hope the young people in this country have a broader acceptance of people who may not look like them or worship in the same way. Shuster’s narrow-mindedness is a product of her upbringing and her choice. Her type of “honesty” is not something anyone should emulate.

    Cecile, the SA said they saw no threat in the nasty email as it was from an elderly couple. If this elderly couple thought it was a funny joke to talk about hiring hit men, I would wonder at their competency. Is this the kind of mind you want representing you? I doubt a normal person would.

    Truth2 Power…you just got Shuster 9 whole votes…amazing…what a wide circle of influence! When Patricia wonders why politics have gotten so nasty, we can thank you for helping to elect trump…nasty par excellence! He has brought out the very worst instincts in this country and nearly annialated the Republican Party in every way

    To all of you… and swordfish…hopefully you and your philosophies are a dying breed.

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