Harvard’s John O’Neill’s Precinct Letter — 17 Comments

  1. A Harvard precinct committeeman recommending Davis over Harvard based Berg? Really, that is an out of touch precinct committeeman. Especially because Davis was picked by a down-state politician, and Berg is a home town boy, selected by our own McHenry County Judges. This is pure head up A$$ politics.

    I am sure this guy doesn’t have an opponent because he couldn’t beat a potted plant in an election.

    As our President would say, “Sad.”

  2. And then he picks Demitri out of the 4 way race because he did work in law school 20 years ago, and has promised to take a state’s attorney pension rather than a judge pension. Color me confused.

  3. Berg went to a decent law school, and managed to support himself in the private sector for a long time.

    Davis went to a bottom of the heap law school, and has fed at the public trough for her whole career.

    I know which one I will vote for.

  4. Of course O’Neill supports Ersel! They both filed bankruptcy! Birds of a feather!

  5. There you go again, Spotlight. Ersel resturctured her loan to pay all her debts. You are so unethical.

  6. I too am confused/appalled at Mr O’Neil’s vision. I know both Judges running in the sub-circuit. Not only is Judge Berg a local person (Harvard resident), if you look at the IL Bar Assoc rating for all the candidates, both county wide and in sub circuit, Judge Berg is the highest rated candidate. He also has served as a Judge for last 6 years, handling various case loads. Judge Davis is relatively new, and only has prosecution experience. Just because your only real qualification is that you’ve prosecuted for over 20 years, doesn’t mean your qualified. Again in the county race, Judge Wilbrandt is the highest rated in the county wide race, but we endorse someone deemed NR (Not Recommended), only because he’ll take his SA pension vs Judge.

  7. The other issue is where does he stand on the third proposition that is on a Chemung 3 ballot….The question regarding Park/Pool and Library? Forgot about that one didn’t you.

  8. If politicians voted people in Demitri would win! But that’s not the way it’s done, is it.

  9. No thanks, John. No intention of voting in extremist screwballs. Go back under your rock.

  10. Wow Franks’ trolls flooding the blog with their kookery and faggotry.

    If they back Berg, I’ll be votin’ for Davis!

    I don’t really care who some Communist lawyers’ Board recommends.

    When’s Harvard going to be renamed Tiajuana el Norte anyway?

  11. In response to fmrcommish,
    Judicial pensions are designed to be paid for through deductions from the judge’s salary. A tier one judge could be paying as much as 11% (or just under $20,000) per year for the pension he/she will take on retirement.

  12. The last time I checked, Circuit Court judges were making $184k/year, and fully vested tier 1 retirees get an annual pension of 85% of final pay with a 3% COLA.

    If the judge doesn’t die within a few years of retirement, his or her individual contributions won’t come close to covering the cost of the pension.

  13. Oh, but Tier One pensions only are for those with government service before a certain date. Others will be Tier 2 capped at 119K

  14. Billy Bob, The fact that in some cases the contributions won’t cover the cost of the pension does not refute what I said.
    You are absolutely right, the cost of some pensions will not be covered by the amount of the contributions. But the fact remains, the judges are required to make a substantial contribution towards the pensions and that contribution is designed to cover the cost of those pensions. Some will come out ahead, some will not.
    Also, while there are judges who will get more than they paid in, there are other judges who might not.
    For instance, Judge Sullivan has been on the bench since the 1970s and could have retired with a full pension maybe 15-20 years ago. The pension system has had the benefit of his contributions for 15-20 years now at no cost.
    Your point isn’t unreasonable, but the pensions are not a free ride.

  15. It’s not a free ride, just a heavily subsidized one. 11% x 20 years equals 2.2 years worth of salary. It doesn’t take many years drawing 85% of annual salary to eat that up.

  16. The only thing john Neil’s knows how to do is get paid by the tax payers. He has about 10 kids. He don’t even pay taxes.

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