“Illinois Integrity Fund” Goes for Triple Crown in Latest Attack Mailer

“Dark Money” Fuels Additional Hit Pieces on Republican Primary Candidates

Yet another hit piece against Joe Tirio spreading lies of secret slush funds, patronage hires and taxpayer-funded vacations was in the mailbox today.

The Illinois Integrity Fund has sent out enough mailers to exceed the $5000 spending limit to require State Board of Elections disclosure, but there is still no record of the group on the SBOE website.

This time the group is attempting to link Tirio with District 6 county board candidates Ersel Schuster & Orv Brettman.


“Illinois Integrity Fund” Goes for Triple Crown in Latest Attack Mailer — 11 Comments

  1. IDK why they’re wasting all this time and money going after Tirio.

    He doesn’t even have a credible opponent in his primary, and tying him to Ersel and Orv is only going to help Ersel and Orv.

  2. Tirio is the ONLY choice and I predict a landslide win in the primary. The slander pieces will have no affect. the voters know the real thing when they see it, and Joe is the real thing.

  3. Sounds kinda like George Costanza’s “The Human Fund.”
    And about the same level of legitimacy .

  4. This crap is meant to persuade low info/low I.Q. voters,
    several of whom post here.

  5. Billy Bob, you are right. This campaign might be the old double reverse. Re read the literature, could this come from side being accused? While I always think people who say false flag are a little nutty, something is not right here. Also the attacks are designed to make you pity the people being attacked. A poor effort on someone making a real attack. Why didn’t they use the better stuff on Orv? Suspicious.

  6. Inundated with attack mailers for a couple of weeks. Who is the McHenry County COPAC? They claim they represents true Republicans in McHenry County.
    Their Mailer tells us to vote for Jeanne Ives, Joe Tirio, Charles “Chuck” Wheeler, Demetri Pete Tsilimigras……….and to vote yes to eliminate the office of the Recorder of McHenry County. Who are these people?

  7. You are probably referring to GOPAC, which was formed and registered with the State Board of Elections two years ago, I believe.

    Contributions and donations are listed unlike those from the “Illinois Integrity Fund,” which claims credit for mailings that have gone out countywide and in three County Board districts,

    Something called “Taxpayers United” is making robo-calls without registering also.

    There is no possibility that it can be connected to Jim Tobin’s organization.

  8. I’m sickened by all these negative mailers I’m getting in my box.

    I usually just pitch them, but this one in particular stuck out. From the Illinois Integrity Fund.

    They spew all sorts of trash and don’t even have the guts to offer up a legitimate website or business address. best I can tell, it that they’re renting temporary space in Hoffman Estates.

    That’s just low down and dirty!

    I’m not saying that the accusations against Cal Skinner are unfounded, but this is like a witch hunt.

    I put these jackwagons right up there with ambulance chasing attorneys.

    Their publications make me want to either puke or wipe my behind with them.

    I want real reform in my local government and don’t appreciate someone from OUTSIDE the county, putting in their 2 cents to try and sway voters.

    I’m almost to the point of not voting because of this trash.

    And a majority of it has to be generated by the liberal democratic party who’s only ambition is to make vial filth the norm in our society.

    Of course they don’t want me to vote my party affiliation because that will only guarantee their victory.


    That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

    And hey, if by some slim chance you happen to read this, I hope you sleep well at night because there’s a special place in hell just for people like you.

    You’re a bunch of low life cowards!!

    if you want to meet and discuss this with me, email me back and I’ll tell you when and where.

    Otherwise, go get a real job instead of publishing filth for people to read at the breakfast table.

    All you do is make it harder for citizens to make a real choice in their own hearts and minds.

    And it only figures that this crap is printed by crooked, union shops who are almost assuredly endorsing the extreme left.


  9. Mr. Skinner, I’m sorry if it appears that I’m going along with the accusations. Personally, I have nothing against you. As a matter of fact, you registered me to vote at my church about 25 years ago or so. I’ve been a strong supporter of yours as well as Don Manzullo and now Peter Roskam. Thanks for all your efforts and my previous comment was fueled by anger towards smut pedaling trash that I find in my mail box. Is there a way I can file a complaint with the post office? Thanks for your time.

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