Legion of Justice “Comic” Makes No Mention of Fighting Communists

2016 Democratic County Board candidate Kathryn Potter posted the following artwork from Cary resident Bruce Janu on Facebook today.Potter is not currently on the ballot for a second try at a county board seat in District 1.

In 2016 Potter was slated by the Democratic Party Central Committee.

Potter possibly postponed her candidacy to discredit local Republicans and may be slated for the open spot for her efforts even though she was “purged” from her appointed precinct committeeman spot in October 2017.

Potter is currently running unopposed to be an elected Democratic Precinct Committeeman in Algonquin 64.



Legion of Justice “Comic” Makes No Mention of Fighting Communists — 13 Comments

  1. Comic books are a good medium for reaching the type of people who would vote for RINOs or Dems.

  2. Indeed, several of whom post their low I.Q. drivel here regularly
    and that’s what gives them away instantly.

  3. “Legion of Justice “Comic” Makes No Mention of Fighting Communists”

    Best headline ever!!

  4. Because Janu is a creepy Marxist himself!

    I knew him in HS, he was creepy then, creepier now that he’s an ultra-Lefty that would make even Biss shy away.

    He currently brainwashes kids at Elk Grove HS

    He even created a rather sickening lionization of the terrorist and murderer John Brown to brainwash little kids!
    But he didn’t go into Brown’s Pottawatomie massacre in Kansas!

    Brown was a psychopath, madman and sadistic killer, but like Mao and Trotsky, it’s all A-Ok because it fits the Marxist narrative. Janu worships and idolizes Brown, who was hanged for his many crimes. What does that tell you about Janu!


  5. Hmmmm, the stupid comic cover makes me laugh.

    Castigating Brettman for what others did, interesting.

    How about this:

    Orville Brettmann admitted he was a member of the US military During the Viet Nam “War”

    Atrocities were committed by the US military in Viet Nam

    Now Orville wants to be a Member of the County Board!

    Do Unitarians even have “Churches”?

    Flyers like these make me want to vote for him!

    If actual 60s-70s SDS bombers, who actually killed people are feted and pardoned by Obama, what’s the problem?

  6. Orv worked for the FAA and his wife still does. You don’t get the kind of security clearnance needed for those jobs if you’re remotely connected to anything that the Courier alleged back in 1979.

    This was a smear job then, and it’s just a regurgitated smear job now.
    Orv stood up to crooked politicians and saved the Fox Valley Water System from contamination!

  7. Orv stands for truth, justice and the American way. No wonder the Dems and Franks are working so hard to keep him from getting on the board.

  8. Henry the VIII, sorry. –and he also fancies himself another Roger Ebert, making his poor kids watch movies he deems good and panning others that don’t live up to his leftist standards.

  9. I’m Klaatu Barada Nikto and I do not approve this message. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Copyright infringement? At least Standard went out of his way to get permission to use the oil company style logo. Where are the lawyers when you need one? Oh, that’s right they are on the County Board.

  11. Because “communists” are such a problem to John Birchers only? Are there any of those still alive. Oh, wait. There are.

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