More “Dark Money” Funding Campaign Against Joe Tirio

Robcall Attacks Proceeds from Joint Republican Event

The following robocall was transcribed poorly by Comcast and sent to McHenry County Blog.

If any of you have a better transcription, please let McHenry County Blog know.

“This is Joseph calling from the Real Republicans in McHenry County.

Our organization is absolutely disgusted that Joe Tirio who is running for county clerk.

Joe is providing funding for violence extremist Orville Brettman … organization upon(?) the church in our community. That’s right Joe Tirio who claims to be a Republican funding on filing(?) extremist in Orville. Press nine. Who’s is supposed by the Northwest Herald from alliance one organization that sponsored local church to learn more visit orval(?) and click or Joe

This message paid for by Real Republicans in McHenry County.”


More “Dark Money” Funding Campaign Against Joe Tirio — 7 Comments

  1. Was this for or against? Because I really couldn’t tell from the transcript. It refers the caller to the websites of people being attacked? Pretty suspicious.

  2. A good reason for early voting. Doesn’t matter what kind of nutty, mean spirited “fake news” gets circulated in the final hour desperation.

  3. “Dark Money” – The new DEMOCRAT boogeyman phrase.
    Right, Hillary ?

  4. Joe IS one of the REAL Republicans.
    This is all bunk. Democrats are sending this anonymous crap out. LMAO

  5. If the Democrats are spending this much time and money trying to discreditTirio, (I’ve seen the fake mailers) he must be doing something right.

  6. And Wheeler, Rein, Brettman, Ersel and Wilbrandt. ALL LIES

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