County Clerk Mary McClellan’s Oversight May Invalidate Tuesday Election

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan decided to consolidate precinct polling places for Tuesday’s Primary Election.

The problem is that she did not ask the County Board’s permission for the new locations.

State law requires that.

So, without having followed the law, how is McClellan, an attorney running for Circuit Court Judge,  going to solve the problem her inaction has caused?


County Clerk Mary McClellan’s Oversight May Invalidate Tuesday Election — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve been wondering about this ever since the polling place changes were announced. I’ve checked a lot of Board minutes and I haven’t been able to find anything about polling place changes.

    Illinois law says that polling places must be approved by the County Board or the Board of Election Commissioners, and I don’t think McHenry County has a Board of Election Commissioners.

    It’s too late to call an emergency Board meeting to gain approval.

    MM made quite a splash with her first election, but an invalidated election at the end of her tenure would would be a legacy for the ages.

  2. This is a bunch of lies the county clerk presented this to county board in January this does not require a vote but it will be voted on Monday. Kipp up the good work Mary we know Cal and his minions jut like to pick on you and make up lies. Cal if you could write the whole truth once I would be impressed.

  3. I see it now, I wonder if it was recently added?

    I’m not sure if making the change official 12 hours before the polls open will comport with the law, but we shall see.

  4. It’s all rigged anyway. This should tell you how bad things really are. The clerk’s office is a joke. Not a funny one, either.

  5. cal, once again you use the soft words like “may” to jazz up your little group of minions. You have no shame, loser.

  6. I just noticed the meeting is in the morning. That’s still less than 24 hours before the polls open.

    The resolution authorizing the polling place changes was created by Daryl Blowes on 3/16/2018 at 8:53:52 pm UTC.

    That’s 3:53:52 pm local time.

    It appears that they are doing a lot of scrambling to fix this mess.

  7. I hope that a public commenter, or better yet a Board Member, makes a huge stink about this, one that even the Jack Franks Herald won’t be able to ignore.

    I wish I didn’t have to be in Chiraq on Monday.

  8. I tried to find Daryl Blowes to see if he works for the Clerk or the County.

    He’s an executive with a software company that provides tools for running public meetings, including publishing agendas.

    Since Jack decided that he needed a full time executive assistant, one would think that she could handle that stuff herself, and save the County the cost of an expensive software license.

  9. Welcome to McCook County!

    Back in the civil war era we had the McClellan saddle, still used I believe on ceremonial horses in the US Cavalry. Now we have Mary McClellan, a horse’s ass. Ironic coincidence?

  10. and she wants to be elected a judge when she cant follow the law/rules? no thanks.

  11. That meeting yesterday was great!
    I would pay money to see Tirio get his A$$ handed to him again, LOL
    It’s Great to be in McHenry County!
    BTW If any of you need a moving truck, give me a call.

  12. This really should have been taken care of before the election cycle started.

    Any Board Member who appears on the ballot anywhere has a potential conflict if he or she votes on the polling place changes.

  13. Was Joe Tirio the one who pointed this oversight out to the board?
    Clearly they’ve heeded his advice to ward off any drama.
    If they didn’t, this could have cost the county millions in law suites. If Tirio is the one that found this, He just saved the Republican Party and the Chairman and the Clerk from losing face with another bad election by our inept Clerk!

  14. Another mary mistake!! Her short time as Clerk is full of these mistakes and she wants to be a Judge??? And she also does not have on her mailings a copy of it is on file with the state another mistake? I want her to step down for using bad judgement!!!

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