Northwest Herald Pens for Jack Franks’ Agenda

“Illinois Integrity Fund” Sends Another Attack Mailer

A dark money source violating state election reporting law has sent out still another mailing in an attempt to defeat the two Republicans who, if elected, would be Democrat Jack Franks worst nightmare.

Those attacked, Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster, are running against two incumbent Republicans who rarely, if ever, have disappointed Jack Franks in his quest to control the administrative arm of McHenry County government lock, stock, and barrel.

Read the anonymous below ad see how political campaigns have descended to the level of Cook County slime since Jack Franks was elected McHenry County Board Chairman.

You can learn more about Ersel Schuster at her website:

You can learn more about Orville Brettman at his website:


Northwest Herald Pens for Jack Franks’ Agenda — 11 Comments

  1. The real story should be from Brettman’s “Lies, Damn Lies and Innuendo.” Aside from being a meandering rant and less a point by point dissection of criticism against him, Brettman fails on multiple levels to offer an explanation for his association with a terrorist organization.

    In July of 1975, Brettman was granted immunity in exchange for divulging his association with “The Legion of Justice.”
    Brettman stated he took part in illegal activities. The Grand Jury prodded Brettman on whether he knew some of the things he participated in were illegal, such as a break-in at the Young Socialist Alliance in Chicago. Brettman stated, “I knew to enter an office in that manner violated the statutes,” Brettman said. “Yes, sir…”

  2. Worth repeating:Russia ! Russia ! Russia !!! The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!! ‘Tis the same bullhocky the Socialist, Communist, democrat potty (oops party) has tried to spread from the Washington swamp down to the McHenry County blog.

    Grow up, trolls. It’s time to reach past puberty.

  3. The most curious thing about this “hit piece” It says “the only thing these two don’t like is raising taxes.” A hit piece that says favorable things about the subject of the insult. This smells like a reverse mailer. And that of course proves it for me.

  4. A “Reverse mailer?” Nonsense. There’s no way in hell anyone would send this out as a ‘reverse mailer.’ Most people don’t read the fine print. The headlines are what count and no one would send out these headlines about themselves. These are attack ads, pure and simple. And, your suggesting otherwise suggests that you’re in line with the outside influences who are trying to steal this county from the voters.

  5. Stop the madness! It’s time to appoint a Legion of Justice at-large representative to our county board. Who neds elections? Mr. Jack D. Franks, we are waiting. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Watching: Please look at this again: ” “the only thing these two don’t like is raising taxes.” ”

    I do believe the flyer states: “the only thing these two don’t hate is raising taxes.”

    Big difference between that four letter word ‘hate’ and another four letter word ‘like’.

    Actually, it would be more believable that these ‘hit’ pieces are coming from the group that calls themselves the “Real Republicans” (they definitely are not) which has totally aligned itself with the “round mound / double-chin” and his minions who appear to include current and former NWH employees.

  7. It is just a coincidence that these fliers and Mary Mcclellan fliers are the same size, same union bug, same address lay out,same font, And none of them have the line this copy is on file with the state board of elections. Your would think some one running for Judge would know these rules!!

  8. Exactly Mark, and McClellans didn’t have a return address on them.

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