NorWest Republicans Place Ad Supporting Recommended Candidates

According to NorWest Townships Chairman Shawn Green, what you see below was not approved by the GOP committee. And Green emphasizes that he did not give permission for the use of his name.

Probably should not be surprised that the NorWest Republican Organization wee happy with the candidates who replield to their questionnaire.

You can read their ad below:


NorWest Republicans Place Ad Supporting Recommended Candidates — 6 Comments

  1. I did not author this, nor was it approved by the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee. While I do personally support some of the listed candidates, and have worked hard to oust RINOs from within our ranks, it’s beyond unfortunate that someone would send this out purporting it to have been 1) written by me, and 2) an official statement from NorWest. Neither are true.

  2. Why is it unfortunate? I was just going to let you know I think it’s great to see your township stepping up. Safe to say the RINO’s and Democrats didn’t send it out. So Be happy, you’re getting kudos.

  3. It’s unfortunate that someone would falsely send something out claiming that it was written by a particular person and that is the official statement from a particular group. Whether I agree with a lot of the statement or not, it was wrong for someone to basically forge my name on a document I didn’t see until it appeared here. Also wrong to circumvent the group’s decision, which was to let the questionnaire speak for itself.

  4. What does that tell us about integrity and trust Shawn? Good guys recommending good guys, but the good guys are liars. Why would that make you happy, Greg? Does no one even care about principles anymore?

  5. This was never approved by the NorWest Republicans. We voted to not endorse any candidates in the primary election. We did send out a survey but only a few candidates returned them. The survey was not paid for by our committee, private funding paid for it.

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