NWH Endorses Franks’ Favorites

To no one’s surprise, the local paper of record, the Northwest Herald, has endorsed those McHenry County Board members who rarely, if ever, challenge McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Those include:
•Pam Althoff  in District 4
•Steve Bellmore in District 4
•Lesli Melandy in District 5
•John Jung in District 5
•Michele Aavang  in District 6
•Larry Smith in District 6

The Northwest Herald apparently buys into Jack Franks’ philosophy that McHenry County’s Legislative Branch has no need to be a check on the Executive Branch.

This is probably as good a place as any to relate a non-response that I received from a Northwest Herald editor.

A reader asked me if the Franks law firm has a business relationship with the paper.

I asked.

I received no reply.


NWH Endorses Franks’ Favorites — 11 Comments

  1. Citizens of McHenry county: Let’s proudly carry the torch of glory and freedom and write-in our sunshine blogger next Tuesday as a candidate to our county board. Our democracy, freedom, justice, transparency, accountability, constitution, exceptionalism, peace, and prosperity; all depend on that. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I am absolutely shocked!


    Keep in mind the number of years Franks and Althoff worked together in Springfield. Over the years I watched how successful Franks was in ‘grooming’ Althoff. The job is now almost complete.

  3. NorthWorst Herald has gotten it wrong far too many times,
    far too often. They should be gone soon, as their market
    continues to deteriorate, thankfully.

  4. With that extra $3 a week I get from the Trump Tax Cut, I’m going to buy a bag of Pop Rocks and the rest should be enough to buy controlling interest in this NWH rag.

    I promise to put an end to this mischief.

  5. Joe Tireo Is qualified and the right choice and gets the nod and we applaud.
    Rein and Wheeler run on that they were the brains behind the tax cut.
    Schuster and Brettman Call the tax cut a sham.

    So we like the Herold when it helps. Don’t when it doesn’t it. Tax cut is good if it helps Rein and Wheeler. It’s a sham if that helps Schuster and Brettman.

    Only one thing is clear on this blog it’s full of S**t.

  6. Win or lose, let’s hope the Jacko continues with the care and feeding of Althoff. If she was any dumber she’d need to be hooked up to life support.

  7. The local newspaper regularly has biased articles and news stories from left wing and Democrat east coast newspapers and news organizations. The newspaper endorsed the inept and highly unqualified Obama for president in 2008.

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