Candidate for County Board Reaches Out to District 6

Ersel Schuster Robocall Addresses Dark Money Attacks

Candidate for County Board District Six, Ersel Schuster, used a robocall Friday afternoon to address Dark Money attacks by the anonymous and illegal political activities of  the “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

The “Illinois Integrity Fund” has sponsored numerous (and expensive) mailers against Schuster and other conservative Republican candidates.

On the call was the voice of Schuster:

Ersel Schuster chairing the Management Services Committee, through which rules changes used to flow.

“Hi, I am Ersel Schuster, candidate for the McHenry County Board

Unlike the anonymous calls and hate mail circulating about me, I am here to
address your concerns.

The outrageous, and desperate attempts to destroy good candidates should
give everyone pause.

As the people behind these hit pieces hide in the shadows.

Unavailable to prove their accusations.

Call me, Ersel Schuster, at 815/338-2207.

I WILL answer your questions.

I ask for your support and your vote on March 20th.

Thank you.”


Candidate for County Board Reaches Out to District 6 — 8 Comments

  1. For whatever it’s worth, we received two pieces of mail today from Dalton/McClellan and McClellan extolling their virtues and explaining why they are the saviors of McCook County.

    The interesting thing is that although they bore a return address of McClellan’s home in McHenry, they each had what appeared to be the same Union “bug” and even cuter was the fact that both were mailed out using the postage “franking” of “Breaker Press” just the same as Illinois Integrity (NOT) Fund or whatever.

    Smooth move McClellan. About what we’d expect from you.

  2. I Early voted today.
    I Voted for the two Irish Girls on St. Patrick’s day.
    Good Luck Mary McClellan and Janice Dalton! I did my part!

  3. I commend Mrs. Schuster for her courage and commitment to confront people operating in the shadows with death threats, anonymous calls and hate messages. This is a lesson Klaatu Barada Nikto must learn very well. Stay tuned…Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowwwww…

  4. Pacco is McClellan’s husband. He just wants to keep his paycheck.

  5. If they were honest they’d call themselves ‘Zero Integrity Fund.’ The sleazy dirty Democrat machine has taken an all new low with their over-the-top slander and hate. Good luck McHenry County. For the good of the community, Vote Ersel !

  6. Took my elderly neighbor to vote on Friday. She was well aware that the deceitful mailers being sent out are the product of the Crook County Democrat machine. I actually learned a few things from her.

    Was glad to help get the vote out for Ersel AND Orv!

  7. Why not post Ersel’s pics wearing a Black pointed hat in front of a black pot of boiling toadstools and newt eyes? The Queen of Dark Money!

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