Robert Wilbrandt Mail Piece — 9 Comments

  1. I can’t read the fine print. Does he talk about his teaching at UW Madison or Florida Gulf Coast University on this one?

  2. No this is the one where he says Mcclellan is NOT recommended by her peers to be Judge and only got 10% out of 100% rating. I’m understanding why. She offers no accountability, just excuses.

  3. He is 136K deep in this election cycle, if he loses this one, better give him the hotline number. Also, nothing says confidence like throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at a local judge race. The seat is not for sale, do not let him buy it.

  4. Judge Wilbrandt is the only qualified candidate. He deserves our support because he has the experience and skills to do this job. Any vote other than for Wilbrandt is a vote for McClellan. Vote Wilbrandt!

  5. This is an honorable, qualified candidate. Could have slug some serious mud but he is judicious and a gentleman.

  6. Are you saying Wilbrand is qualified because of the ISBA poll? That’s funny he didn’t publish his total failure ISBA poll from earlier, qualified How? He didn’t need to sling mud, he should have slung facts. McClellan is nowhere near a lock here. Any of the clowns in the clown car could win this low turnout election.

    There is literally, no such thing as a spoiler in this tumbling dumpster fest. Also, he could have answered the stolen valor allegations. If they are untrue then the answer is easy.

    I think we are looking at a hundred thousand dollar loss here (and I am not talking about Demitri’s 100K)

  7. I don’t know the number (Cal?) But I cannot imagine anyone has spent as much on this race as Dimitri. Yard signs, Dimitri/ Tirio yard signs, tons of display ads, Facebook ads and even RADIO spots!? Can anyone recall radio spots for a judicial race before?

  8. “Russians for Dmitri” is on his radio ads. Great – Russian money infiltrates republican primary. Darned right wing commies.

  9. Demitri has the quality of conviction, and humbling nature for his age. He has the intelligence of good and decent men. He takes his job serious, and is not appointed to the bench. Like wilbrant was. As Judge? Where does wilbrant go to Church? What is his faith?

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