To Way Back Land – Clauson Pickles’ Refusal to Hire English Speakers

In Chicago a major bakery had mainly Latino workers until a complaint with immigration officials resulting in hundreds of workers being laid off. They were replaced with blacks.

A article in the Chicago Sun-Times about the conflict between Latino and black workers at a Chicago food factory took me back to the 1970’s recession during Governor Dan Walker’s single term in office .

I was a freshman legislator.

There were so many people out of work that unemployment checks were not being processed in a timely fashion.

There were over 40 complaints on my desk about late payments, I believe.

I called the agency director and suggested that rather that waiting for the paperwork to be squeezed through the bureaucracy that the checks should just be sent out.

She followed my advice.

Another memory from that time was a call from an unemployed McHenry man who was refused a job at Clauson Pickle in Woodstock because he did not speak Spanish.

Simply outrageous, but how to prove it was the problem we could not solve.


To Way Back Land – Clauson Pickles’ Refusal to Hire English Speakers — 9 Comments

  1. “Simply outrageous’ says cal the master of raw meat throwing for his weak minded minions. Just a couple of questions;
    Did the job require that one speak Spanish?
    Was this guy qualified for any job at Clausen?

    cal once again appears to have left a lot out of his raw meat story from his no-so-great tenure as a trough sucker. Oh, it gets better. In the end nothing came of the allegations- kind of like cal’s career.

  2. The most outrageous and incredible part of this story is that someone could conceivably follow our sunshine blogger’s advice..tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Maybe companies and businesses in the U.S. should only hire people that can speak English. One of the requirements for persons coming to our nation LEGALLY and getting a green card ought to be the ability to speak and write in English. Learn the English language in your native country before you come to the U.S. Not too much to ask to come and WORK in our make America great again Nation.

  4. Qué viva el idioma español! Y qué viva nuestro bloggero reluciente! Manténganse en sintonía…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, mmmiiiaaauuuuuuuu…

  5. Not sure if it is still a requirement but it used to be that to receive your citizenship you had prove your ability to speak and understand Englsh.
    The problem was that during this process those who couldn’t do the above were provided translators.
    That’s how Government works.

  6. I worked there three months in the summer of 1977, with at least 20 others gringos.

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