Tonya Franklin Runs for Seneca Township Precinct Committeeman as a Write-In

Tonya Frankin, the woman who was willing to run against State Rep. Jack Franks, but was not given the choice by a previous iteration of the McHenry County Republican Party is running to become part of the ruling body that rejected six years ago.

Here is the letter that she sent to people in her precinct:


Tonya Franklin Runs for Seneca Township Precinct Committeeman as a Write-In — 15 Comments

  1. Cal, You should change your freaking name to Jack, Maybe then you could get a few Freaking readers!

  2. One of cal’s folks that he supported in his past. Another loser doomed by cal.

  3. I receive endorsement letters from my precinct committeeman before every election, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone who is running for precinct committeeman send out a list of endorsements.

    It seems a bit presumptuous.

  4. Others have done so. They’ve been busy vetting candidates, why shouldn’t they offer their opinions. They want the job, it shows their willing to do the job. I think I remember seeing at least 2 others running for PC doing this.

  5. Why doesn’t Tonya do petitions like everyone else? She didn’t run against Jack Franks because she didn’t circulate petitions. And now she couldn’t even circulate petitions for precinct committeeman?

  6. Absolutely, Shake. How come this lady is late to the game every time. Like the sign says, Your lack of planning does not make for my emergency.

  7. Oh, and here’s why they shouldn’t offer their opinions. It’s a REPUBLICAN Primary. Having people who are merely running for Precinct Committeeman using the aura of the Party to support their “friend” picks should be made fun of at each and every occasion. Why don’t we have EVERYBODY write letters to EVERYBODY and who their friends are? Sounds about right.

  8. And then she picks one judge race, and then picks Demitri, the I won’t take a Judge Pension, but I will take a government pension guy. Who will literally say whatever he thinks he need say to get elected. Great choice there Tonya! That’s a guy you never want near the bench.

  9. You forget that she asked permission from the McHenry County Reppublican Central Committee, but Chairman Mike Tryon opposed the effort and discouraged enough people from attending the meeting that there was not a caucus.

    Tonya would have to gather the signatures in one weekend, but the local GOP would rather not give her the chance to challenge Jack Franks,

    She would have drivsn him nuts.

  10. Tonya should have taken the time and made an effort to get on the ballot the RIGHT WAY instead of circumventing the process by going the WRITE WAY. Guess it wasn’t important to her at all. Peddle your shenanigans elsewhere, Tonya.

  11. There’s nothing wrong with running as a write-in candidate, that’s perfectly legit, but I wonder if she asked for permission to use the County GOP’s letterhead?

    It appears that she’s trying to make her letter look more ‘official’.

    Lots of people are voting ‘No’ on the school tax referendum, because it’s a nothing but a toothless political kabuki dance.

    I’m going to leave it blank.

  12. **Tonya would have to gather the signatures in one weekend, but the local GOP would rather not give her the chance to challenge Jack Franks,**

    Uhh… no. She had two months to gather signatures in the same way that every other candidate did. She didn’t do it then. And she didn’t do it this time. Why?

  13. By the time a GOPCemntral Committee meeting was foced by committeeman petition, there was one weekend left.

    Could she have gathered enough signatures, no one will ever know.

  14. I teach at the college and own a business so I had no intentions of running for office since I work more hours than anyone I know. I did not try circumvent the process, or get around circulating petitions. I was asked by neighbors to run for Precinct Committeeman when they realized no one had been recruited by our local Republican Party. I am running because I was asked to step up. I am not so full of myself that I think I have all the answers; I am willing to listen to my neighbors and I am very active in my community and not afraid of some hard work, I would assume that is the reason they asked me. I believe you don’t have a right to complain, if you aren’t part of the solution. Have a wonderful day! Sorry I don’t have time to stick around for all of the mudslinging and name calling. To those that support my efforts and even those that don’t, I will work hard. Thank you for your support and your vote. Keep it positive!

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