Grafton Township Precinct Committeeman Fred Wickham’s Letter

Fred Wickham is a long-time Republican Precinct Committeeman in Grafton Township Precinct


Here is his letter to his neighbors:

/Fredrick W. Wickham March, 2018

Republican Precinct Committeeman

Grafton 7

811 Blue Mound Drive

Crystal Lake, IL 60014 (815) 459-8537

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I again urge you to exercise your right to vote in the Republican Primary Election on Tuesday, March 20. As you may know, the results of the primary election in McHenry County often determine who will hold office in our local government. Your vote will make a difference!

The ­ this election will have a significant impact on you and your family over the next four years. If we really treasure our traditional values (protection of all life, support for the rule of law, and disciplined government), then advancing them in the public square is the best expression of patriotism we can give to the nation. Those candidates listed below better represent family values and take conservative positions more consistently than others.

I be­lieve that the race for Governor is arguably the most important state wide race and the results will have the most impact on Illinois State government. Clearly, Jeanne Ives is needed as Governor in order to effect change in government and to achieve economic viability. She has a long standing commitment to excellent service, efficient and cost effective government. I trust Jeanne Ives judgment and I trust her commitment to serving as a fiscal conservative and a strong representative of conservative, family values.

Another very important race is the election of Judge of the Circuit Court. I know Demetri Tsilimigras and I have the highest respect for his judgment, his knowledge of the law, and his conservative, family values. He has the highest level of integrity and commitment to truth and justice. I highly recommend a vote for Demetri.

As in the past, we will again be voting at the West Beach Center. Enclosed is a sample ballot for your review. Your vote is, as always, very important! Because many elections are decided by one or two votes, you may cast the deciding vote. Please exercise your right to vote. You will make a difference. Sincerely,

Fred Wickham


Grafton Township Precinct Committeeman Fred Wickham’s Letter — 5 Comments

  1. He has soooo much respect for Demitri that he can’t spell Demitri’s last name. Perfect.

  2. Watching is a) loser; b) idiot; c) McClelland spore; d) Franks’ pawn; or e) all of them.

    Ans: e

  3. Bunch of ruSSian sympathizers undeserving of American votes.

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