Mary McClellan Mail Piece — 5 Comments

  1. Hell No! 10% recommendation out of 100.
    Crook County lawyer sanctiond for withholding evidence?
    And she’s the inept Clerk that screwed up the election, hired her husband and is the Democrap’s pick.

  2. Wouldn’t vote for her for animal catcher much less a judge. She can’t even interpret the statutes accurately. She’s vindictive. Why would we want her judge our fate???? She can’t figure out the law now. She’d probably try to send someone to the electric chair for speeding if they ticked her off or she misread the law …again.

  3. LOL, If you said it in your real name, It might have twice the meaning or no meaning at all.
    Either way looser, If you had a brain, you’d have it out playing with it!

  4. her mailers are the same as the ones from Illinois Integrity fund. same style same font same lay out. Same union bug and both are missing “a copy of this report filed with board of elections”. She used bad judgement with running the office of Clerk and she wants to be a JUDGE? NO WAY!! wake up people lets vote for any one but her!!

  5. JUDGE – ‘NO WAY’ , “NO WAY”, “NO WAY” ,”NO WAY” NO WAY no way no way no way” !! I think theres’ a snog that says “NO WAY” JACK!

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