McHenry County Judicial Candidates’ Campaigns Top Campaign Spending

$198,075 Job at Stake

The Republican Primary Election campaign is winding down for the four people running for a countywide judgeship.

Since January 1st, family money has fueling two of the campaigns–that of appointed Judge Robert Wilbrandt and Assistant State’s Attorney Demetri Tsilimgras.

Wilbrandt had $70,426 in his Political Action Committee as of New Year’s Day.

Robert Wilbrandt

Since then family members have pumped in $26,000.

Liberty Outdoor also provided $5,000 worth of signs.

It should be noted that only contributions of more $1,000 or more are made public under today’s campaign reporting laws.

Tsilimigras had $9,957 in his campaigning checking account at the state of 2018.

He pumped in $34,017 since then.

Demetri Tsilimigas

In addition, William Walsh of Mundelein contributed $5,600 and Lamar, the billboard company, refunded $1,075.

Because some of the money was paid to vendors, Tsilimigras’ reports to the Board of Elections gives a clue as to where he spent campaign dollars.

$13,423 went into the Crystal Lake radio station.

$4,223 went to Jumbo Postcard for direct mail.

The favorite in the four-person race is the only woman–McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

Mary McClellan

She started the year with $14,321.63 in her campaign fund.

The only contribution she received that required immediate reporting was $1,000 from Alliance Contracting, Chuck Ruth’s firm.

The final candidate Ray Flavin, has run for countywide office before and had $18,416 in his campaign fund at the start of the year.

Ray Flavin

He raised no additional funds in amounts of $1,000 or more that would have had to be reported.

Flavin is running a “no yard sign, no robocalls, not mailers, non-annoying campaign.”

Flavin is holding a “Golden Ticket Drawing” at his Election Night Party at Woodstock Banquets 333 Judd St, Woodstock.

The event is from 7:00-10:00pm and will feature Jim and Justin of the Modern Day Romeos. Admission is free.

Instead of purchasing yard signs, Flavin will be holding a drawing- paying the winner 50x their age in years if he loses the election.. If Flavin wins the election, he will pay the winner 100x their age.


McHenry County Judicial Candidates’ Campaigns Top Campaign Spending — 9 Comments

  1. Re: “$4,223 went to Jumbo Postcard for direct mail.”

    So, can we safely assume that the Illinois Integrity fund (Franks / Althoff / Union / Socialist / Communist alliance?) spent at least $50,000 to fund all those post cards?

    Insofar as McClellan spending, most of her campaigning was on the taxpayer’s dime with all those polling location change notices, the ads for early voting etc. etc. And oh, yes, for getting her name printed relative to almost totally invalidating the entire county election results which are already under scrutiny because of her access to early voting ballots at the County.

  2. But our county recorder Joe Tirio can go on a family vacation to Mexico with taxpayer money and nobody says anything !

  3. McClellan post cards are the same size same layout as the Illinois Integrity fund cards same font same layout same union bug and both don’t have the line” a copy of our report filed with state board of elections” on them. Some one running for Judge should know and play by the rules. Has she reported playing for these mailings? She has made lots of bad judgement calls as Clerk and in her Campaign and now she wants to be a JUDGE? WAKE UP people she is the wrong person for this job!!

  4. Pacco, you’re spreading ignorant lies about Tirio that you saw on Democrat hit pieces. Demetri and Tirio display the highest integrity I’ve seen in politics.

  5. Typhoid Mary is back to her old tricks of hiding things and saying things don’t exist when they do.

    If she ever told the truth on anything, it’d probably be by mistake.

    The Drama-Queen Willbrandt of military ‘fame’ better excuse himself from the cases of his fat cat donors.

    Do we really need a make-believe judge like Willbrandt?

    He’s also a cheapskate in the tipping department/

  6. Pacco, aka Franks peon, go with llavonda to your land of nod, where you can indulge your perverse disorders 24/7.

  7. Dmitri have any qualifications beyond pledging not to take a pension? He’d be a bigger drain on taxpayer dollars by not upholding laws. Take your act elsewhere!

  8. That woman is no one’s ‘favorite’. She’s a liability, an illiterate, a crackpot lawyer and a Democrat. 10% rating out of 100???
    That’s a real warning shot!

    Demetri is the candidate with the best moral compass.

  9. Demitri is the candidate with the best moral compass, sitting next to a magnet. He has a house in Lake Co. and Cary, lives in the one in Lake, Homestead exemption on two houses at same time. Said he won’t take a judge’s pension, but is still taking a state’s attorney pension (but he never says that). You must be kidding about Demitri. Good Joke. I get it..

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