Signs of a Fall District 2 County Board Campaign

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog posted a sign for District 5 McHenry County Board candidate Carlos Acosta.

It had only his name, hinting that he is not going to run a joint campaign with his running mate Frank Wedig.

Today we look at a District 2 County Board candidate promotion sign.

It promotes both candidates running against Carolyn Schofield and Josh Howell.

Yard sign for Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidates Mark Guethle and Kristina Zahorik.

Note that the Mike Madigan-contorlled Illinois Democratic Party paid for the signs.


Signs of a Fall District 2 County Board Campaign — 6 Comments

  1. FYI: This is not a sign for county board. It is for candidates for the Democratic Party of Illinois State Central Committeeman and Committewoman for the 14th Congressional District. There are two Democratic candidates for County — check out a sample Democratic ballot and you can find out their names.

  2. Also, Friends of Mike Madigan is not the DPI, it is his own pac.

  3. The paid for language right on the bottom of the sign says that it was paid for by Friends of Mark Guethle and Friends of Kristina Zahorik.

    So, no, it wasn’t paid for by the Democratic Party of Illinois.

  4. Still no corrections here?

    Signs are not for County Board. Signs are not paid for by DPI.

    Basically the entire premise of the post, other than the picture of the actual sign, is false.

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