Tax Abaters Aavang & Smith Send Joint Mailer — 9 Comments

  1. Nope!
    Aavang campaigns for a tax and spend Democrat.
    Smith brings nothing to the board but going along with that same tax and spend, lying and deceiving Democrat!

    Time is long overdue to trade these RINO lemons in for Leaders with proven Conservative track records.

    Vote Orv and Ersel

  2. More the reason I will be voting for both Larry Smith and Michelle Aavang!

  3. Unfortunately, Jason,

    The “RINO lemons” as Russellville calls them, will
    end up giving us similar results to the Flint Mich.
    “lead based” water department which the dems ran.

  4. Cannot support a Board Member that bows down to Franks and his bullying tactics. We did not vote for her and never will again. She has lost our support.

  5. Hey Sue, Pretty Sure she can win without your vote.
    If you had a brain, you’d have it out playing with it..

  6. Mailer must be a joke! Both are terrible.
    McCann is worst, yet, but terms not up, yet.
    Ersel and Orv.

  7. Jason Billin, is as illiterate as Clerk McClusterfnck. Maybe it’s her. She’d be one for keeping RINOs in.

    Not one Precinct Committeeman respects either of these incumbents or the ass that their lips are glued to!
    Vote Ersel and Orv!

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