Tirio Brings Humor to Speech at Republican Barnstormer Event

Joe Tirio drew laughter from his speech at McHenry Township Republicans fundraiser last night.
He began but paused saying:
“oh wait, in case you don’t recognize me from the recent ‘publicity’ I’ve been getting …’ as he swiftly donned a mask similar to the one Photoshopped across his face in countywide Chicago-styled political hit pieces by dark money funded “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

The man behind the mask, Joe Tirio.

The moment of levity was appreciated and a few attendees shouted out ’Cato!’ ‘Green Hornet!’ ‘Where’s your cape?’
Glen Swanson, Algonquin Township Republican Chairman drew a mighty coincidence in timing between the Photoshopped masked-man mailers and Tirio’s recent finding that the current Clerk failed to follow statute by getting board approval to change polling places:
“Even though the hit pieces wanted to portray Joe as a villain, I liken him more to Zorro from ‘Legend of Zorro’ where Zorro foils a plot to steal the ballots in the 1851 California Election.
Tirio’s warning possibly just saved the county from having an invalid Election!”

The operative phrase from that statute is:

“The County Board in every case shall fix and establish the places for holding elections in its respective county and all elections shall be held at the places so fixed.

”Since Tirio’s presentation to the board, a short and sweet resolution has been included in the agenda to be voted on.If the board approves the changes, the McHenry County Primary Election will then be legal.


Tirio Brings Humor to Speech at Republican Barnstormer Event — 4 Comments

  1. I haven’t laughed so hard as I did last night in a long long time. Joe sure knows how to hit them where they live.

  2. Anyone the Jackal libels or slanders is OK in my book.

    Jacko’s the pig at the pastry cart of swill.

    But his sordid affairs in Springfield might come up, and they should!

  3. orv, did you laugh that hard during your grand jury testimony? Did you keep your laughter down when you were “off the reservation”, in other folks buildings? Asking for a friend.

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