Another Mailer from Tsilimigras — 6 Comments

  1. Spottless record of true integrity.
    (I say ‘True’ becaue the term ‘integrity’ is used all over so many candidates mailers who don’t have it, never had it and never will)
    Demetri lives with integrity, honesty, family values, committment to the community, sense of selflessness, and a great work ethic! More than I could even ask for in a Candidate for Judge. This man deserves your vote and our County deserves to add this man to our Judicial system.

  2. Oh and all of that stood out even before he made the decission to sacrifice the Gold-plated Judicial pension!

  3. Where does integrity reside? Does integrity live in Lake County? Pretty sure this is not the election cycle for throwing your arm around politicians. With all that integrity, wouldn’t you think he could stand up alone? Apparently not. Good thing he didn’t throw the ol’ arm around Provenzano, eh?

  4. What are you rambling on about, Watching? Demetri has nothing to do with any of the Provenzanos, although Ryan is working on Wilbrandt’s campaign.

  5. Demetri has integral personhood, a good family. A man of stature and wisdom to get the job done. May he win for the decency of his party and the good of the County!

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