Donna Kurtz’s Election Recommendations

Dear Friend,

The Republican primary election is this Tuesday, March 20th!

Some of the Election Day polling sites have been changed.

Donna Kurtz

Check here to see where the changes have occurred and the new locations.  Otherwise, click here to obtain the list of polling locations.

The polls are open from 6 am to 7pm pm on Election Day.

If you have any questions about where to vote call me immediately at 815-353-5972.

My recommendations focus on the most qualified, capable candidates and ballot issue selections that represent our Republican values of limited, honest, and transparent government.

In contrast to the negative robocalls and mailers that you may have received, which are deceptive, ugly, and untruthful, my intent is to separate the fact from fiction.

Listed below are those candidates who deserve your voting consideration:


JOE TIRIO—for County Clerk is endorsed by both the Chicago Tribune and the Northwest Herald.

I work with Mr. Tirio regularly in his current role as McHenry County Recorder and am impressed with his professional, yet approachable, and friendly demeanor.

He is an honest and ethical candidate and County Recorder—and a man who looks out for the taxpayers.

According to the Northwest Herald, 3/7/2018, “Tirio is a transparent advocate for saving taxpayers money by reducing unnecessary layers of government…Tirio is strongly endorsed over Janice C. Dalton of McHenry, a legal assistant who filed for bankruptcy on the same day she filed to run for this office.”

Endorsement: McHenry County clerk: Joe Tirio


ROBERT WILBRANDT—Circuit Judge is a lifelong resident of McHenry County, grew up in Crystal Lake and graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School.

I have known the Wilbrandt family since I was a kid.  I greatly respect Judge Wilbrandt’s community service.

He served at the McHenry County Public Defender’s Office, first as an intern and worked up to the Chief Public Defender.

He was also a legal advisor for Turning Point, our domestic violence agency, a professor at McHenry County College, and taught Domestic Violence Advocate Legal Procedures at Turning Point.

He has served as an Associate Judge in the Family and Criminal Divisions and as a Special Assignment Judge for criminal cases in Lake, Kane, DuPage,

Judge Wilbrandt is endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and is the only candidate in this race who received “Recommended” rating from the McHenry County Bar Association.

His opponents are “Not Recommended”.  His overall score for “Meeting Requirements of Office” is 81.82%.

The link below provides the Chicago Tribune endorsement information for both Joe Tirio and Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Collar county endorsements


BRUCE RAUNER— for Governor: Governor Rauner is our strongest candidate to be able to beat the Democratic challenger in the November 2018 General Election.


GARY GRASSO— for Attorney General: A DuPage County Board Member, former Mayor, experienced litigation attorney for 39 years, and firm corruption-fighter, he has proven he is clearly more qualified than his opponent in both public service as well as legal ability.



  1. Question on the Ballot:

YES or NO / Given that the McHenry County Board in 2017 reduced its property tax levy by 11.2%, do you believe that local school districts should reduce their property tax levels by at least 10% by the year 2020?

Comment:  Although this is an advisory, or “non-binding” referendum, voting YES will still send a clear message to the school districts (which account for roughly 70% of our annual property tax bills) that we demand the more efficient use of our tax dollars.


  1. YES or NO / Shall the office of the recorder of McHenry County be eliminated and all duties and responsibilities of the office of the recorder be transferred to and assumed by the office of the County Clerk of McHenry County on December 1, 2020?

Comment: This is a BINDING referendum, which, when passed, will merge the offices of County Recorder and Clerk. Joe Tirio led the effort to consolidate, which will increase efficiency and reduce costs. Voting YES will merge the offices effective December 2020.

As a fellow citizen, I thank you for exercising your right to vote.  It is the essence of our democracy and an activity we should take pride in undertaking at every election.

Please get out and vote and take a few friends and family with you..and forward this email to them.

Donna Kurtz


Donna Kurtz’s Election Recommendations — 12 Comments

  1. Amazing how the “only Jeb Bush, John Kasich, etc. can beat Hillary” mentality is still so prevalent, after it was utterly debunked in 2016. Rauner will get trounced if he is the nominee. Thousands and thousands of people who held our noses to vote for him last time will simply leave both ovals un-darkened this time (see: Mark Kirk).

  2. Could anybody guess what my recommendation is for McHenry county blogger? Hint: He championed a great 2% campaign for governor back in 2002 losing to no other than Rod Blagojevich. Another hint: He is considered by many an irresponsible charlatan and loser (not by me, of course; he has my full support) Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Gosh, Donna, certain portions of this letter look an awful lot like my writing published last week:

    If you wanted to use whole paragraphs and phrases of my precinct letter verbatim, you could have just asked.

    I’d have said “no,” based on two of your endorsements, but how hard is it really to use your own words and not plagiarize? Geez.

  4. No way should she have endorsed Wilbrant or Rauner. Clear Rino, status. If she was a true conservative or rl

  5. Rudely, interrupted, sorry…TRUE conservatism, she would be endorsing Demitri Tsilimigras for Judge and Jeanne Ives. God Bless her anyway. May she lean not on her own understanding but, the truest part of her Faith.

  6. Strongly disagree with Kurtz about endorsing Rauner who is really a far left wing Democrat given his making Illinois a sanctuary state and also his pro-death abortion position. In the final analysis, we might have been better off keeping Pat Quinn as Governor. At least he was honest about his Democrat Party credentials.

  7. “Rauner who is really a far left wing Democrat…” Keep educating us, grammar cyber patrolman, political science professor…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

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