Dorr Township Precinct Committeeman Cynthia Hemauer’s Letter — 6 Comments

  1. This is the first precinct letter that took a swing at Flavin. Before he was irrelevant, but now the committeeman avoids two opponents who spent 20 times what Flavin did. Could this be the beginning of a March surprise?

  2. Perhaps she’s for Demetri but isn’t ‘against ‘ Wilbrandt.
    Love that she gives nod to the McHenry County blog.

  3. Watching, who’s flaven? No March madness surprise for you.

  4. I don’t vote for the unchallenged unless I really like them.

    Reick is a disaster on so many levels, just like Johnny Jung.

  5. All these committeemen recommendations being the same sounds like more republiCON collusion. The party of traitors!

  6. Love it. TRUTH. Cynthia doesn’t beat around the bush. If we had more PCs to send clear messages like this, we’d have better candidates!

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