Mary McClellan Endorses Janice Dalton in Latest Mailer

“Republicans with Honesty & Integrity” Include Bankrupt Clerk Candidate

Republican McHenry County Clerk candidate Janice Dalton, who filed for bankruptcy the same date she filed to run for office and has been accused of misappropriating more than $30,000 from her husband’s annuity fund, has been endorsed by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

McClellan has had her own issues with ethics, as described on the website

Below is the mailer paid for by Friends to Elect Mary McClellan submitted by a friend of McHenry County Blog.


Mary McClellan Endorses Janice Dalton in Latest Mailer — 22 Comments

  1. I am glad to see McClellan supporting Dalton, we need someone with experience.
    These ladies are proven leaders. The County Clerk is a vital role and requires leadership.
    I see Joe Tirio is gone most of the time from his office. The County Clerk’s office is in need of a full time Clerk not a part time come as you go. Tirio has no idea about the Clerk’s duties, I hear he was talking to other Clerk’s in the State to try to understand McHenry County.
    This reach out to other clerks has no bearing since each County Clerk has very different methods in conducting their roles as clerk. Please vote for Janice and Mary and keep the Politian out of our government.

  2. Experienced politicians are experienced in consequence evasion: McHenry County has nearly the highest property tax rate of any County in America.
    McHenry city property tax rate is higher than 4% of total market home value.

    I Predict The only thing that might change if current regime bullies its way to retain power is not a check of our home values sliding further and further behind the appreciation enjoyed by Chicago and almost the entire USA, it is this:

    we will lose our sweet aquifer groundwater to some large industrial plant in western county out by Marengo, as a function of new I90 access (as insult to injury, paid for in large part by McHenry County taxes).

  3. I would not vote for these 2 if they were the only ones on the ballot.

  4. I am sure Dalton made a deal to keep on McClellan’s dog to suck on more of our tax dollars.

  5. Is it a coincidence that commenter “County Employee” and Mcclellan are both spelling challenged?
    McClellan is transparent, childish and WRONG. Not Judicial material. Not Clerk material.

    vote Tirio (he can spell and so much more)

  6. @county employee

    *Tirio made 3 Bold Promises… and Kept them. A rare thing in Politics:
    …….*I won’t hire my wife
    …….*I will abolish the elected roll of Recorder-merge functions back into the Clerks office where it originated saving one ……..elected officials Salary/Pension/Benefits, employee costs ….forever
    …….*I won’t take the Pension.

    Feel free to FOIA Tirio’s timecard or call the office. He’s there! If he was an absentee Recorder, how did all these savings, improvements in process and delivery happen? How is it that he would be able to earn his staff’s respect and return it? Question your county board members also as to Tirio’s attendence.

    One more thing, he didn’t make up lies about his opponents. He merely speaks the truth.

    The same cannot be said of his oppoents and other dark money forces behind all the false negative campaigns. I can see why his opponents and current elected officials don’t like Tirio. He’s raised the bar for delivery from our elected officials. Rather than work to live up to Tirio, they’d rather play dirty and slander him because they can’t or won’t live up to him.
    Those are not leaders.

  7. Neither of them on my list.
    The County Clerks Board automated voting system meeting hasn’t worked properly since its’ inception. Major failure!
    The other can’t handle her personal finance but wants to handle ours, go figure!

  8. Dalton’s Bankruptcy, Gambling, Using her estranged husbands name to Misappropriate $32K of his Annuity Funds, all show her Poor Judgement, Questionalble ethics, no accountability and 0 Integrity.

    An Endorsement from McClellan is not only laughable but confirms McClellan’s own Poor Judgement. (and she’s running for Judge?) Neither of these women are leaders, they’re losers. Easily comprised. Neither can be put in positions of responsibility. I couldn’t hire Dalton as a cashier!

  9. TheWholeTruth, all that should have been highly prohibited! But then again, she and Franks ‘worked closely together’ on all these unreasonable polling place changes. The face/name plastered all over everything and using taxpayer dollars to campaign is exactly how Franks abuses our tax dollars too. A little late for this trainwreck to be stopped.

  10. The current Clerk screwed up and didn’t get needed board approval to change all these polling places! Maybe she’s the one that should be getting advice from other Clerks and going to conferences to educate herself on statute.

    Joe Tirio just saved McClellan’s ass by heading off an illegal election!

    Wow Joe, not too shabby for supposedly ‘never being there at your job’. You’re not only doing a great job, but you’re doing McClellans job too!

  11. Franks donates to McCluster____’s campaigns. That alone gets a big N O, from me.


  13. @County Employee It’s for damn sure that Joe Tirio won’t have to spend time with your wife’s (?) office trying to learn the ropes. He wants to run it correctly. Perhaps he could reach out to Kathy Schultz for a few pointers or just about any other clerk in this state (well, forget Crook County). He really wants to do the right thing so why in hell would he ever speak to McClellan?

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