Northwest Herald Misses Jack Franks’ Allies’ Intrusion Into Republican Primaries

Maybe it’s because no one on the Northwest Herald editorial staff has ever voted in a Republican Primary Election.

Or maybe it’s because the staff has not been reading McHenry County Blog.

Regardless, the NWH has missed what probably is the biggest story of the election–the interference of Democrats aligned with with Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks in the GOP’s County Clerk’s race and County Board contests in Districts 4, 5 and 6.

No worries for McHenry County Blog readers.

“Sit down,” McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks shouted.

Just search for “Illinois Integrity Fund” on this publication and you can see what Franks’s allies have been up to.

The ghost committee is out of Cook County–no surprise there–and has failed to follow the law requiring registration with the Illinois State Board of Elections once $5,000 was spent.

And there is little doubt that that threshold has been exceeded.

If the Political Action Committee received contributions of more than $1,000 non-reporting would be another violation of state statute.

In any event the failure of the Northwest Herald to even mention the numerous mailings speaks volumes.

As does its Editorial Board’s endorsement of the County Board candidates who are expected to align themselves with Franks–the ones who just by happenstance are the ones who will gain from the anonymous direct mail attacks..


Northwest Herald Misses Jack Franks’ Allies’ Intrusion Into Republican Primaries — 19 Comments

  1. “Or maybe it’s because the staff has not been reading McHenry County Blog”. Hard to believe the Northwest Herald staff will not set aside precious time from their daily duties and busy schedule to read this sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. You have to wonder about the Herald. Do they even have one investigative journalist on their staff that would look into who is behind the multiple mailings of the scandalous flyers sent to McHenry County citizens showing candidate Tirio in a photoshopped mask and attacks on other candidates. But, that newspaper DOES have plenty of resources devoted to stories about high school athletes. Who besides the athletes, their parents and grandparents even cares about these stories?

  3. I won’t even pay the 99 cents for the online subscription and anyone that does is wasting their money.

  4. In 2 years, maybe it will be Althoff and Tirio battling it out for the Republican nomination for Chair of the County Board, won’t this be an interesting story to follow.

  5. When do we re-name the county to Franks County, IL. That has a nice ring to it. NOT!

  6. People better start waking up to this. Franks will run this county like Mad Dog Mike runs the state, right into a hole.

  7. carzy? Just like America as we once knew it, McHenry County is GONE. The time for waking is long past gone.

  8. Oh McHenry County is toast..Come out to Marengo and see the downtown..destroyed from moving the Library out to Franks road for no reason other than the desire of the Franks family to have more development on their property. Marengo is Franks town where we can’t sell our home for what we paid in 2001.Thank you Madigan and His right arm Franks..

  9. Angel R Llavona..what is with the constant childish tic toc comments.
    I dont read this blog that often but your silly remarks? are here 24/7..maybe you shpuld read some educational materials from time to time.

  10. The Nortworst herald is not only the most biased publication but its so poorly written that its difficult to get through it. Just the worst paper ever to be printed and distributed.

  11. The Herald has an interesting story today by the brilliant Ann Coulter about how the policy from the Obama Administration (Promise) did not allow the high school to call the police a number of times re shooter misbehavior and thus give the shooter a police record. With that police record, the gun dealer would not have sold him a gun.

  12. The lack of journalistic integrity conducted by the NWH during this electoral cycle is truly shameful.

    Attacking and destroying the reputations of those who are notably NOT Franks-friendly, but not reporting on the background problems of those candidates that are Frank-friendly is further damaged the reputation of this newspaper.

    One has to wonder what does Franks have on the NWH or its publisher? Does Franks own a stake in the paper, or is he providing a revenue stream of some sort through advertising, etc?

    As one can see, the public is not taking this paper seriously.

    Most of the candidates that the NWH attacked did win their primaries–the people of McHenry County in most cases know better.

    Unfortunately for the NWH, without journalistic integrity, the future of this once fine newspaper has been significantly compromised.

  13. Nothing more educational than this sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowwwww…

  14. It’s amazing how much terror one (1) Democrat can inspire in a county that’s elected, what, a half dozen democrats in a century? Talk about snowflakes!!!

  15. GOP is cry cry crying today. You sold your souls. The GOP I once supported is gone. Its now Trump/Moore/Ives-loving, hate-filled trolls.

  16. Franks is spoiled little brat who didn’t too well at Georgetown and couldn’t get into a good law school even with Dad’s lucre.

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