Libertarian Party Offers Ives and Biss Supporters Choice in General Election

A press release from Kash Jackson, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor:

CHICAGO, IL – Libertarian Candidate for Governor Kash Jackson congratulated Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker on their wins in the Illinois Primary on Tuesday. While the Libertarian Party is not yet officially on the ballot, Jackson let them know that he will be serious competition in November’s election.

Kash Jackson campaign photo.

“Tuesday we found out who I will battle for the Illinois governor’s seat. Their best hope was not to get the nomination, because now they’re going to have to answer how they lost to a third-party candidate this November,” Jackson said.

A twenty-year Navy veteran turned civil rights activist, Jackson strongly advocates for judicial and criminal justice reform. His platform includes support for a balanced state budget, and for ending corporate welfare and cronyist practices in Springfield.

Jackson was nominated at the Libertarian Party of Illinois state convention on March 3. Due to Illinois’ strict ballot access laws, the party’s three gubernatorial candidates and twenty-three other candidates were not eligible to participate in yesterday’s primary elections. The Libertarian Party of Illinois is currently only a recognized party in McLean County, as a result of presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s performance there in 2016.

Jackson is running with Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Sanj Mohip.

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Libertarian Party Offers Ives and Biss Supporters Choice in General Election — 30 Comments

  1. I don’t care how awful Fatty JB is, he can be captain of the Titanic-Illinois when it sinks.

    I will NEVER vote for the LIAR, even if it was Rauner v. Toni Taxwinkle, Ru Paul, or Harvey Weinstein!

  2. Not backing Rauner would only assure JB of an easier win.
    Not a chance in the world that Jackson would even get close to a majority.
    JB speaks the liberal mind that our state’s pension lovers and tax leaches adore.
    God help us and our income taxes should JB waddle into power.

  3. Unfortunately, not voting for Rauner would be basically voting for Pritzker. I am no fan of Rauner, and hoped Ives would have won, but he is the better of 2 evils.

    Pritzker said if he is elected governor, he is prepared to preserve women’s reproductive rights at all costs.
    He is pushing for a Progressive Tax, regardless of Constitutional amendment (no idea how he plans on doing this).
    He is hiding money offshore to ensure that he doesn’t have to “pay his share” of taxes, even though he feels that we have a problem with revenue vs. spending.

    I’d rather take 4 more years of Rauner and hope that someone like Ives wins afterwards than have JB in office.

  4. Time for 3rd parties as the first two parties cant get anything done but corruption and raising taxes.

  5. I will never vote for Rauner in 1 trillion years.

    And I won’t change my mind!

    Rauner betrayed us and lied, ran one of the dirtiest campaigns ever.

    He won’t get my vote, even if JB was found in Nick Provenzano’s SUV with 15 teen boys.

  6. Yeah, I know, if JB ever got into the Provenzano SUV, there wouldn’t be room left, even for Provenzano, but you know what I mean.

  7. Jim you are a loser! Your like somebody saying they’d rather have full-blown AIDS than pancreatic cancer Stage V.

    I’ll be gone anyway and you can deal with the vortex that sucks Illinois into catastrophe with all your sanctuaried 3rd worlders enriching our lives.

  8. Biss is an old school liberal control freak who believes that the government can spend your money better than you can.

    I just don’t see a whole lot of overlap between his supporters and the Libertarian Party.

  9. Rauner is going to lose to JB.

    The only question is margin of loss and how soon after taking office JB will be indicted.

    Vote Libertarian and inspire thoughtful debate about our future political system.

  10. I’m voting libertarian because the second coming of William F. Buckley Jr. inspired me to do so. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Angel, I do not think you could sit still and listen to anything William F. Buckley had to say, let alone Priest. You are so busy being a Pussy meowing and Tic, Tocking, to grasp the true meaning.

  12. lol Priest. Then the long-standing tradition of Illinois and governors in sing-sing continues.

  13. Biss supporters criticized JBs billionaire status throughout the primary. Biss was the ‘middle class governor.’

    Kash is a viable alternative for both Biss and Ives fans.

  14. If that is the case? Libertarian bandwagon, here I come! Jeanne Ives!!!

  15. JB has already won.This is cortupt Illinois..He alteady paid for the seat with his inherited money.It’s over. The Madigan Mafia has won again.

  16. I spoke with Kash Jackson on several issues last year and he has my vote.

  17. Looks like Illinois, being the worst State of 50 fiscally and otherwise, with mostly Democrat control over the last 4 decades has the dumbest voters of all States. We end up with two awful candidates with JB and Bruce. The next closest group of dumb voters are in CA and NY what with Jerry Brown and Cuomo in charge in those States.

    We are left with picking from the lesser of two evils. The lesser evil is Rauner. BUT, being our State has had dumb voters for at least 4 decades, 7 decades in Chicago, we will probably end up with the far left winger JB. The billionaire from a large family of billionaires. If JB wins, will he and his big family of billionaires step up with their fortunes and bail out the pension funds in Illinois? Do they have compassion? Are they in the ultra, ultra top .01 percent, way higher than merely the 1.0 percenters?

  18. We need a God fearing, gun clinging governor. Go libertarian…NOT! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…meeeoooowwwww…

  19. **Libertarian Party Offers Ives and Biss Supporters Choice in General Election**

    LOL… no. I’m one of the biggest Biss supporters around. And I wouldn’t ever think about voting for Kash Jackson.

    And Jackson is opposed to putting restrictions on abortions, he thinks Govt should fund planned parenthood, supports marriage equality, is opposed to Trump’s wall, supports increased environmental regulations, etc. etc. etc. Sure… he seems like a perfect fit for Ives supporters. 🙄

  20. What could be more appealing to voters than a candidate named Ka$h? Who doesn’t want Ka$h…for governor? Do you want the democratic billionaire, the republikklan billionaire, or just plain Ka$h? The answer is obvious. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  21. So, what do we know about Sanj Mohip? What are his/her positions on pro-death infant rights(?) for women, illegal aliens, reform for criminals, etc?

  22. Priest is right. Get third parties in the game and let’s force some constructive debates instead of the garbage you regularly see in the comment section of this blog.

  23. Change will never come if you keep voting Democrat or Republican. Illinois has an opportunity to lead the way. Out with the Old and in with the New.

  24. Bye bye Rauner!

    Bye Bye McClellan!

    Bye Bye Provenzano!

    Bye Bye Biss!

    Bye Bye Quinn!

    Bye Bye Waltz!

    Bye Bye Perry Moy!

    Bye Bye Low!

  25. Nobody says farewell to our sunshine blogger. He has endured the test of time and marches on to the future stronger than ever. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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