Resolution Setting Fall Referendum to Abolish McHenry Township Road District as Separate Government

As readers are well aware, the McHenry Township Board on a 3-2 vote authorized a referendum to abolish the McHenry Township Road District.

If approved by voters at the November election, the Road Commissioner would cease to be elected after incumbent Jim Condon’s term is up in 2021.

Ir occurs that others might be interested in the wording of the resolution, so it is published below:


Resolution Setting Fall Referendum to Abolish McHenry Township Road District as Separate Government — 19 Comments

  1. 4 old guys all from wonder lake wanting control of the road district. They will run the road district into the ground. Abolish bob

  2. More over sight by the board is a good thing, if the board learns more about road functions and actually practice oversight.
    Depending on the employment requirements/qualifications for the new head of the Road Dept, there will probably not be any saving in wages.
    There could be a small savings in Engineering costs if a Civil PE is hired, that would offset the hire wages a PE gets.
    End result will be that now residents can access five people instead of one to get some kind of service or lets call it what it really is, a political favor.

  3. As the AL Township Road District mess illustrates, there is not enough (actually any) oversight of Road Districts or Road Commissioners as per Illinois statutes.

    As it now stands, the only recourse is the voters every four years at poorly attended elections (and in some cases just a caucus).

    This will provide Board oversight and accountability.

    It’s a great idea which needs to be emulated by all of the other townships.

  4. 10 yrs ago, if I thought townships at all, I’d have guessed they were OK.

    Now I realize they are just another fraud on the taxpayers.

    And I’m not going take their bs. In McHenry Township they actually put out a 50 page quarterly newsletter —at taxpayer expense of course — to propagandize how vital townships are.

    Jim Condon, shame on you! You’re going to wind up in jail with your sick mentor Bob Miller!

  5. You guys are nuts.

    Where is the evidence of any criminal activity at McHenry Township?

  6. Ha, hah Paul ‘Jim Condon’ Revere

    Yeah, we’re all nuts, right! You were carrying how Bobby Miller would win! And you said anybody who said otherwise was nuts back then.

    The computers you destroyed after the new Trustees won did not erase the data. The data went into a little cloud, a cloud that will rain on your Township Pride Parade! Touch a truck! Yeah righteo, Jimmy boy.

    You’re goin’ down down down!

    With your lazy clown!

  7. I’ve long suspected Jim Condon was unbalanced with a bad temper, but if you really have the goods on law breaking, you really should bring it to police attn., of course the MCHenry police put the clamp on the Provenzano thing to shield
    other politicians.

    —-maybe the atty gen. should be contacted if our local authorities are no good.

  8. Justin you are nuts and he no idea what the hell you are taking about. As far as board oversight that’s great but will the board actually listen to the taxpayers when there is a problem? They don’t seem to want to talk to anyone now how will this make them want to help people?

  9. Paul they have no evidence Justin is bob Anderson or bill Cunningham with a personal vendetta against jim

  10. Townships are just another level of governmental bloodsuckers we do well without! I’m tired of paying for Road Dist. Chiefs’ pensions!

    Let Condon find real employment. Didn’t he file bankruptcy once!

    And wasn’t his home foreclosed on before he got his Township gig?



  11. Townships are only needed in rural areas. The first Townships to go should be the ones that are Unionized. (Alg. Twnshp)
    They got rid of any reason to keep them once they unionized.

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