Governors’ Ghost Employees

— Illinois comptroller wants to stop governors’ payroll “off-shoring” – Doug Finke

When I saw this article in the State Joural-Register, it brought me back to the time Dan Walker was in office in the 1970’s.

I was staying in the cheapest hotel within walking distance of the Capitol because I took the train, whose station was downtown.

The Hotel Governor, now a parking lot near the Old State Capitol.

One night I ran into a young man in the hall who said he wrote speeches for Governor Walker.

“Where do you work?” I asked.

His answer: “The Department of Agriculture.”

Then, such folks were called “ghost employees.”

David McSweeney

Now, apparently State Comptroller  Susana Mendoza calls the practice “off-shorting.”

Standing next to Mendoza was State Rep. David McSweeney.

“We need to have accurate accounting. We obviously don’t have it in the governor’s office,” he said.


Governors’ Ghost Employees — 4 Comments

  1. and out of what ‘budget’ does Chairman of our County Board Jack Franks’ lackey boy, Kevin Craver get paid?

  2. House Bill 5121 (HB 5121) in the 100th Illinois General Assembly was signed into law as Public Act 100-0655 (PA 100-0655) on July 31, 2018 by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

    The bill amends the intergovernmental cooperation act and was labeled the Truth in Hiring Act. > Public Acts > Public Acts/Leg. From Previous General Assemblies > 100 (2017 – 2018) > Go > Public Acts Listing > Public Acts 100-0601 Thru 100-0700 > Public Act 100-0655, HB 5121 Comptroller-Payroll Certify

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