Anomaly in Steve Verr’s Precinct Results

Election night I noticed that McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Steve Verr had been defeated in his race for re-election as Precinct Committeeman of McHenry Township Precinct 12.

Yesterday I researched the townships’s precinct results and made two interesting discoveries.

The first was that there were more votes in his precinct for GOP Precinct Committeeman than for both candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor.

106 people cast votes for their Bruce Rauner or his opponent Jeanne Ives.

That reminded me of election results when GOP County Chairman Al Jourdan put up County Board member John Brehmer to run against me for State Representative.

I was running a joint campaign with Al Salvi, who was running for the U.S. Senate nomination against Lt. Gov. Bob Kustra.

With about sixty percent of the votes counted election night, both Salvi and I had about 58% of the vote.

When the ballot counting in McHenry County was completed, Salvi still had the same 58% or so of the vote, but I had just under 50%.

It gets stranger.

Dave Fredricks tallied up all the votes for Republican Precinct Committeeman in my legislative district and discovered that the aggregate was higher than the number of votes tallied for both state rep. candidates.

Well over $100,000 spent.

It is unheard of for the bottom of the ticket to have more votes than heavily contested races higher on the ticker.

I won that race, but just barely.

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler got more votes than State Senator Pam Althoff only in Steven Robert Verr4’s precinct.

When interviewed by the Daily Herald, I told the reporter something to the effect, “They forgot I had Barrington Township.”

There each precinct’s results were counted separately, not centrally as in McHenry County.

One of my supporters observed that the cable to the counting room ran in the ceiling above the office of McHenry County Auditor Al Jourdan’s office.

So, what does that have to do with the election results in Steve Verr’s precinct?

As of yesterday, 110 votes were reported for both candidates.

73 for the man who beat Verr and 38 for Verr.

However, Election night I notice that McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Steve Verr had been defeated in his race for re-election as Precinct Committeeman of McHenry Township Precinct 12.

Yesterday I researched the townships’s precinct results and made two interesting discoveries.

The first was that there were more votes for GOP Precinct Committeeman than for both candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor.

106 people cast votes for their Bruce Rauner or his opponent Jeanne Ives.


Anomaly in Steve Verr’s Precinct Results — 37 Comments

  1. I didn’t vote for governor, I under voted as I didn’t like either.
    People under vote all the time.

  2. Not in any McHenry Township precinct but Steve Verr’s did people follow your example enough to result in more votes for GOP Precinct Committeeman than for Governor.

    Feel free to find an example elsewhere in McHenry County.

  3. Obviously, Verr was targeted, but why him?

    Didn’t he object to the Reinert petition forgeries for State Rep?

  4. This is why we need to elect Joe Tirio as Clerk.

    Drain the swamp.

  5. Wrong Justin! He wasn’t targeted by voters, the ‘vote’ was clearly fixed and the crooks that fixed it, probably did so with early ‘voting.’

    But the crooks made a very bad and telling boo-boo — they fixed the ‘back-in’ vote total so lamely, they got caught with the ‘reverse roll-off’ effect.

    There is always ‘roll-off’ between the top of a ballot and the bottom. More people will invariably vote for the President or Governor than the offices nearing the bottom.

    I assume Precinct Captain is at the bottom of the ballot for races, so when more people vote for Pct Capt. than Governor, especially in a hotly contested race, that’s a giant red flag cheating’s going on.

    There are probably many other ‘anomalies’ in the election involving other candidates, although they may not be as glaring as what happened to this guy.

    This is why I don’t participate in elections since I moved to Illinois. They are rigged. Wake up. Electoral and normative implications of widespread misuse of paperless electronic voting machines are geared for easy fraud. A candidate has to win by 65-70% in order to win a race by 50.01% when the ‘fix’ is in. It becomes increasing difficult to steal an election the more people vote for the candidate being cheated.

    The people who did this here in McHenry Co. are amateurs. ‘Good election fixers’ wouldn’t be caught in such an obvious ‘reverse roll-off’ result.

    When you get ‘reverse roll off’ in an election, a forensic examination of the whole ‘election’ is screamed for.

    What’s especially strange/weird is this Pct Captain’s job is just for a party and for a position that doesn’t pay a cent.

  6. I looked it up from Typhoid Mary’s Clerk’s website.

    McHenry 12 is the only pct in the county where more people voted for precinct committeeman than for Governor; and that applied to both parties.

    I wonder if that was true for every pct in the state?

  7. Possibly there were cross over Dem voters. There are more Dem voters proportionately in that precinct than just about any other. The Dem Party Chairman in the 80’s, Monty, was from that precinct because he had a lot of weighted votes.

    This smacks of an Althoff scheme to get rid of Verr as township Chairman and maybe help set herself up at least as township Chairman if not as Party Chairman.

  8. The obvious corruption is overwhelming. There is no way people went to the polls to vote for precinct committeemen only.

  9. I actually had a lot of people go vote for me that normally don’t vote. Because verr gets beat everyone thinks it’s a conspiracy.

  10. Adam vick, funny you would poke your head up on this article. LOL

  11. Isn’t Vick a Township stooge employee of King Condon, the man who will be out of a job?

    Very funny.

    Sick Vick, Maybe they ‘don’t vote’ because they don’t exist.

    Vick, do you even work at all at the township snuggery?

  12. The sweetest political job right now has to be working HR for Sheriff Bill, $100k nice $900+ clothing allowance also.

  13. I was a GOP pct committeewoman from 1992 to 2006.

    But I couldn’t stomach Bush in 2004, and voted for the Constitution Party’s Candidate, Mike Peroutka, for Prez.

    In those ancient days, the crooked Clerk Kathy Schultz (who’s son was hired by her to run the computer programming of the Clerk’s office), would give all elected/appointed committeemen a copy of their precincts vote totals after the election.

    My late Husband and I both voted for Peroutka. But guess what? Peroutka got ZERO votes in my pct.

    When I confronted Schultz that I did vote for Peroutka and why wasn’t my vote counted, she said I ‘couldn’t have voted’ for Peroutka, when my husband and I came back to her w/ signed affidavits that we voted for Peroutka and gave them to her asking for an investigation, she said we’d have to talk to Al Jourdan. I said ‘Aren’t you the clerk?’ She said “I am not responsible for what happened in your precinct. It wouldn’t affect the election outcome anyway. Please leave my office or I’ll call the Sheriff’s Office.”

    This County and State are so corrupt it makes me sick. That’s why I quit the GOP, which in this state, has a crummy organization of liars, crooks and RINOs running things into the ground. No wonder Ives and this Pct Committeeman ‘lost.’

  14. How on earth does Mr. Vick know how people voted?

    See, that’s what I mean about corruption. It’s just so brazen.

  15. QuietMom, you are so correct about the 90’s and corruption . . . if the votes started to go too high, for an outsider, the computer would shut down, when it came back up the numbers changed for the candidate of their choice. I was also warned to watch the number of absentee ballots that were sent out.

    Also QuietMom, I am glad you picked up on Adam Vick, all of a sudden coming up on this Blog to comment on this article. I guess timing is everything.

  16. Quietmom is there something illegal about someone approaching me and saying they voted for me? No one made me run for this position. I wanted to get more involved and this was my first step.

  17. Adam vick, you sure did get involved, but you do have the right To Remain Silent.

  18. Let’s see…name recognition…VICK opposed to VERR…a township worker versus someone who was a state rep candidate? Name recognition? In what virtual reality would Vick legitimately end up with more votes and people running to him to say they voted for him? You are “unusual” Vick…the only precinct in the county where this happened? Thanks to Cal for pointing it out. Back to paper ballots that leave a verifiable record.

    Nob…what the heck was your comment supposed to mean in the context of this subject?

  19. Funny. I know Vick, personally! A quick look at his FB page shows what a loser he is.

    He is a democrat and the Vick Family were always democrats. His GrandDad was a school teacher and a big, big democrat. I got into an argument with Vick’s grandfather about Reagan vs. Mondale when he tried to put a Mondale sign on MY lawn.
    Vick’s father is a McCullom Lake Public works honcho. It’s just Chicago politics coming from Madigan to McHenry County.

  20. Rifleman I would love to know who you are. Saying you know me personally and hiding behind a fake name shame on you. Also there was a small amount of the votes that were done electronically. There are paper records. Why wouldn’t verr ask for a recount? And I didn’t say I had people running up to me claiming they voted for me I had some people get ahold of me to let me know they voted for me.

  21. Adam vic, you don’t seem like you want to remain silent, so I have a question for you. How many Absentee Ballots were sent out and received in your Township? Simple As That.

  22. Adam Vick physically assulted me at the SpecialTownship meeting that put the consolidation issue on the ballot.

  23. Hi Steve Rooney, I believe that, seems to me Adam vic should take my above advice, He does have the right to remain silent. We will keep an eye on him.

  24. Steve your false claims about being assaulted are hilarious. Why don’t you tell the truth and explain to everyone how you invaded my wife’s personal space by putting your iPad 2 inches from her face after she asked you to stop 2 times. Some random creepy guy taking pictures of women he doesn’t know invading their space….

  25. Another watcher I don’t have to remain silent and you can keep spewing your crap all over the place you are a joke just like Steve. Spineless coward

  26. Know better and another watcher Steve kroll and Trevor kroll hahaha

  27. Adam vic, glad to see you have a sense of humor, but please do not start meowing or tick tocking.

  28. Adam ‘Not So Quick’ Vick

    Rhymes with ‘Tick’ and acts like one.

    Things haven’t changed since HS days.

  29. I love how everyone is on here judging me but nobody else wanted to run for committeeman. Once again I wanted to get involved and this was the first step say what you want about me but that doesn’t change the fact that I won. I love my family and my country and will do whatever I can to make it a better place.

  30. Vick, how about a drug test?

    Why are you exempt at the Road Dist?

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