Deductability of Prepaid Property Taxes Demystified

A press release from Peter Roskam’s office:

Roskam wins fight on behalf of Sixth District residents, Illinoisans allowed to deduct prepaid property taxes.

Peter Roskam

Washington, DC — In a victory for families across Illinois, The U.S. Department of the Treasury has agreed that an advisory issued by the IRS does not address Illinois, and, therefore, taxpayers in Illinois are not bound by the IRS guidance and are able to deduct their prepaid property taxes.

Representative Peter Roskam (IL-06) released this statement following the news:

“Hardworking taxpayers in our state are entitled to the same benefits as those from every other state.

This announcement is a win for the thousands of Sixth District residents who stood in line to prepay their property taxes last year.

As we move forward with an updated new tax code, families in every income bracket will see a tax cut and Illinois residents will see real tax relief.”


Deductability of Prepaid Property Taxes Demystified — 8 Comments

  1. Pete the Lame Duck. He sold his soul to Don and he is now in a Catch22. He cant deny his Pro-Trump stances because he will alienate the base-heads but he cant hardline tie himself to Don as it will disgust the Non-TrumpDrunk rising majority. He, and many far-right (R)s are in dire-straits in #Nov18. Sad!

  2. Big whoop. Now that Stephen Hawking’s passed, who am I gonna get to do my taxes?

  3. What a joke, he voted for this tax code and now feels he is a hero for a one year extension. Is anyone watching the Federal deficit increase?

  4. Roskam will continue to win elections by good margins. The Democrats have nobody with integrity that will counter their party positions which defends illegal aliens and keeps their pro-death positions for infant babies in the womb. Prominent Democrat leaders from California even warn illegal alien criminals when ICE shows up in their towns and give the aliens a heads-up.

  5. Hear the whisper. It’s the blue wave coming our way next November. Roskam? Résumé update workshop? Stay tuned. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Considering Stephen Hawking died in the early seventies, I wonder who was really doing your taxes.

  7. Sunshine blogger, I am sure you are aware of the town hall about gun violence prevention next Saturday at Glen Ellyn. Our dear peter was invited. Will he attend? Will you show up to report? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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