Bob Miller Is Not the Only Algonquin Township Road Commissioner to Use “Miscellaneous” Pay

Through a Freedom of information request Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser provided documents similar to those used previously to look at miscellaneous payments to Highway Department employees.

While I have not had time to do the analysis, a Friend of McHenry County Blog has. It is obvious from the comments contained that he is not a fan of Gasser.

The results follow:

Miscellaneous Pay since Andrew Gasser took over the Road Department

$200, 5/18/17 – 9/6/17, Daniel Neumann, Retired

$300, 5/18/17 – 10/20/17, Ryan Greene, Fired, part of 4 union wants hired back before they would renegotiate contract.

$350, 11/26/17- 2/17/18, Ryan Provenzano, part time?, Cronyism by Gasser and Ludzow, if you look he was getting paid OT when not putting in 40 hours regular time.

$700 each, 6/1/17-2/17/18, Dorothy Wildeboer and Colleen Schor, office help, Misc pay came in 12/1/17 check.

$2,100, 11/26/17 – 2/17/18, Andrew Heckman, worked for Bob, left why?, then hired back by Gasser, Some say he supplied shooting video, patronage supporter.

$2,800, 10/15/17 – 2/17/18, Andre Hoerauf, hired by Gasser, I know nothing about him, no dirt?

$2,800, 11/16/17-2/17/18, Luis Torres, Pal of Ryan Provenzono, worked for Supervisors office with Ryan P. before moving to Road District under Gasser. Cronyism!

$3,500 each, 5/18/17 – 2/17/18, Randy Voss, Brian Doubek, Dylan Stern, Daniel Morrison, and Kevin Fitzgerald. Remaining union members, majority of their Misc pay came same time as the three new employees got all of theirs, from before Christmas till now.

$27,450.00 = Total Miscellaneous pay Road Dept since Andrew Gasser took office till now .

Over the same time period, four part time senior Bus Drivers with no benefits got OT and Holiday pay.

  • David Turskey, 31.25 OT, 88 Hol.
  • Daniel Wacyk, 20.5 OT, 88 Hol.
  • John Merkle, 27 OT, 80 Hol. Hired 7/20/17 about.
  • Arnold Sylvester, 8 Hol. Terminated before John got hired.

Bob Miller didn’t pay his part time bus drivers OT or Holiday pay.


Bob Miller Is Not the Only Algonquin Township Road Commissioner to Use “Miscellaneous” Pay — 37 Comments

  1. But is he the only one who has a wife that buys herself and family members unexplained purchases this is the issue,,,, is it not?

  2. If the Road Commissioner is no longer elected, with that eliminate the Road District union?

  3. Perhaps Illinois law allows government takeover of certain services, perhapps not.
    Independent watchdogs should police violations of law which do not allow competitive bidding for services conscripted by public taxing bodies.

    Look at the practice big picture:
    there is no charitable or for-profit service provision which cannot be conscripted by public taxing bodies. Pub;lic taxing bodies have the power to tax, while private providers do not.
    Public taxing bodies can make it impossible to compete, because they can force customers to use that service, or, customers think”I’m paying taxes for it anyway, why should I pay double to hire a private provider?”

    this is not an ideological argument, it is a description of struggle for survival by those of us who are not related to, politically favored by, or given a patronage job by those empowered to dispense politically empowered favoritism (TIF grants, “miscellaneous pay”,etc.) and patronage.

  4. But public watchdogs do what they do at their own expense.
    Not only paying personal time and money to follow up on abuses by public officials, watchdogs like Edgar County Watchdogs have to suffer personal attacks upon their characters, businesses, and families. These attacks are well organized and well funded: the attackers are those political bad actors who have a lot to lose.

    Why should any citizen EXPECT that their ‘rights’ to equal enforcement of the law should be protected by watchdogs?

  5. Cal Skinner is another watchdog operating at his own expense of time, money, and reputation-denigrating libel and slander.

    When will Cal burn out and say to hell with all of us lazy stupid gullible and cheaply-bought dishonorable nebbishes?

  6. You are right, Susan. The only difference is Cal is not an attorney (although, he has probably been at this a LOT longer). Thank the Lord, Jesus for strong men of integrity that are willing to expose the darkness. Thank you, Cal!

  7. I just have to say Thank You to Cal too, most people do not realize what this Man has created. A Network of Constitutional Citizens. God Bless !

  8. “strong men of integrity that are willing to expose the darkness.” An April Fools’ Day joke in advance. A good one by the way. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  9. So, as we naive citizens ‘grow up’, and understand that self-enriching organisms have been shrewd enough to conscript the political industry for their own benefit at the expense of all other citizens, we must learn from them…

    their tactics are morally reprehensible, but TACTICS are not what we need to adopt…

    LAWS and ECONOMIC CHOICES are the drivers of who gets to own power.

    LAWS are selectively enforced in Illinois, as a function of political influence.

    LAWS will not help us (US being law-abiding citizens who hope for a decent life wherein the rules apply to all and are enforced equally, not selectively-as-a-function-of-political-influence).

    LAWS will only help us if we exert our own power (tiny bits of power each, but in aggregate, more power than the Rauners, Franks, Pritzkers, etc).

    key takeaway for me is, I should muster up the moral courage to fight through courts and agencies with my own time and money, or admit I lack the right to object to illegal practices by elected officials and those who are their whores or whore masters.

  10. Just another reason to consolidate Township Road Districts with Township Boards.

    5 people overseeing the actions, now it’s just the Road Dist. Commissioner-Grand Poobah!

  11. Golly, What’s the fuss all about?

    Just eliminate Townships and these parasites will be gone (but not their pension debts upon the taxpayers, but at least the Township crooks will be eliminated)

  12. OMG!! You mean that other bosses besides Miller gave extra money to employees for various items or things? Shocking-not even close.
    Read above from “Tam” about his wife; did she forget where his wife worked for over a year gratis before she was hired as an employee? No props for that, I guess. Troll on folks

  13. Wiz? Your only chance to survive in this hectic day is to STAY local government. You have some amount of control there. You are being VERY short-sighted to think that eliminating your townships (thus rolling them into a bigger governing body) will keep you safe. How many times has anyone listened to you (their employer) when you contacted a government body? Your local yokels are your neighbors and you will have better access to locals than you could ever affect. I do not know why people refuse to understand this. We have all become such snowflakes that continually beg for bigger government with no accountability whatsoever to ruin our lives.

  14. Sorry Cindy, I am not a mindless pro-Township goof.

    Your ideas of Township government are naive, ill-formed, superceded and antiquated.

    We’re not in the 19th Century anymore when there wasn’t a County layer of government taxing us, and there wasn’t a huge welfare state with Snap, Sect. 8, ect.,

    Since the local elections are rigged, this is the one layer of clearly rotten gov’t layer that can be consolidated/eliminated.

    I’m all in. Quite defending Miller and Co. They are the rats.

    read please:

  15. Wiz? Quite? Are you saying you think I EVER defended Miller? You have the WRONG person, then. I want them ALL in jail!

  16. Wiz? Also, it is unappreciated that you insinuated I am a mindless goof! I answered you very politely. There was no call for that gist of a reply.

  17. Rickey? Be very careful. You may want to rethink your position. Are you sure you want to align yourself with the likes of the flying monkeys? (After all, Wiz just outed himself as part of that cabal when he used the word antiquated. He is also very stupid because he used a verb thinking it was an adjective in trying to lambast me. [Actually, there are so many mistakes in that post that I fear it could be Typhoid Mary doing the typing.]

  18. I must disagree. In our parallel universe-governed sunshine blog, it is the 19th century…B.C. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. Where’s the States Attorney? Oh yeah he’s just a worthless politician. Doesn’t care about doing his job.

  20. When laws are selectively enforced as a function of political patronage, the burden falls to citizens to file civil suits or qui tam federal level.

    Since lawyers need to be paid, civil suits must seek enormous monetary awarda.

  21. Townships are so wonderful, how did the World get by before they came into existence?

    Just look at Nunda, hiring the disgraceful Bobby ‘The Booby’ Miller and his 2 sons-in-law?

    So sweet! Cindy, what about Township corruption do you not understand?

    In theory, Townships would be great!

    Just like Communism.

  22. Did I read it right in the paper, his one son in law made over $36,000 from May till July?!?!? Holy S***!!!!

  23. SpareUs? What is it you do NOT understand about rule of law? Run these bodies BY the rule of law and you will have NO problem with township governments. Or much of anything else! You said it yourself. The township is NOT the problem. CORRUPTION IS!

  24. Joe S. Your reading abilities are worst than my spelling.
    Cindy is correct, just like guns don’t kill, loser human’s are to blame.

  25. Really Nob…’s straight from your favorite source. The northeast herald. Says Lee earned $36,025 from May 17 till July 17. What am I missing? Your the idiot who spams everywhere with there stories! Are you saying the paper is incorrect?

  26. Joe S? I believe that The Nob and the nob are two different posters. You seem to be mixing the two.

  27. Cindy gave good advice, but the people who can’t control their emotions don’t under stand big gov is bad gov.

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