D4 Combined Mailer for Althoff & Bellmore — 7 Comments

  1. Enjoyed hearing Bob Anderson calling out Althoff for the pile of crap she is on a Friday AM radio show.

    Yet, all you slack jawed goobers, had already decided to put her on the County Board.


  2. Althoff’s prize pet bites the dust, just like Reinert!

    this is getting to be a pattern!!!

    Pam, couldn’t enough votes be ‘found’ in early voting for him?

    Shame on ya’ Pam, when you take on a libtard protégé, you’re ‘sposed to see him/her through.

    What happened? Had to save yourself first?!

    Pammy’s Motto:

  3. Bellmore was a terrific disappointment on the McHenry Dist 156 school board, he had campaigned to turn the district around, now it’s worse than ever.

  4. Steve ‘Taxmore’ Bellmore!

    Steve, ask Pam “What went wrong? You promised me health insurance! You promised me Fame and fortune!

    You promised me the moon?

  5. Ahh Bellmore & Althoff two of my most favorite RINOs both Pro Choice and Progressive! Bellmore has that added urban street quality of shootum up justice! We need to promote them both. “Republicans we can actually work actually work with.”
    Bruce, you have your marching orders, I’ll call Jack!

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