Two Drivers in Critical Condition After Randall Road Crash

A press release from CLPD:

Crystal Lake Police Investigate Traffic Crash

On Friday, March 30th, 2018, at approximately 6:45AM, Crystal Lake Police and Fire/Rescue,
assisted by the Lake in the Hills Police Department, responded to the intersection of Randall
Road and Alexandra Boulevard for the report of a traffic crash.

Upon arrival, emergency responders discovered the traffic crash involved three vehicles with  significant damage.

The drivers of the vehicles were the only occupants.

All three drivers were transported from the scene with injuries.

The Crystal Lake Police Department’s Accident Investigation Team responded to the scene and
the crash remains under investigation at this time.

It has been determined that a vehicle attempting to turn northbound onto Randall Road from   Alexandria Boulevard collided with a vehicle which was southbound Randall Road. The southbound vehicle subsequently entered the northbound lane of Randall Road and collided with a vehicle.

Two drivers are listed as being in critical condition at this time.

The third sustained non-life
threatening injuries.


Two Drivers in Critical Condition After Randall Road Crash — 17 Comments

  1. One has to wonder if cell phones played a roll in this horrific crash.

  2. Perhaps, or more likely running a light.
    Not enough info given regarding the particulars.
    However, running red lights is at an epidemic level on Randall Rd.
    especially, but not only, during rush hours and weekends and NEVER a cop around.
    It’s amazing that more people are not killed.

  3. Members of the FBI are not adhering to the law;

    Congress does not adhere to all laws;

    County Board chair does not adhere to all laws;

    County Clerk does not adhere to all laws;

    Mayors and governors do not adhere to all laws;

    Illegal aliens do not adhere to all laws;

    Why should we adhere to traffic laws?

    Oh, if someone goes into a school and starts to shoot defenseless children and teachers, suddenly a Sheriff decides to adhere to a stupid school rule!!

  4. @honestabe1

    Except that intersection is a T-intersection controlled by a stop sign for EB traffic on Alexandra.

    Somebody distracted, that’s for sure.

  5. Honest Abe, there is no traffic signal where this occured.

    Alexandra ends at Randall,
    If you’re turning left onto Randall from Alxndra, you must cross the equivalence of 6 or 7 lanes. Going north or south on Randall are the only options.

    If it’s 645AM – on a Saturday – it is very easy to make that turn.

  6. I never understood how a left turn form Alexandrea onto Randall is allowed. It’s not an easy turn with high speed traffic coming on both sides. What makes this worse is that there is a daycare back there and often seen those parents picking up the kids and exiting out to Randall. This interaction needs to be corrected to not allow that left hand turn.

  7. Yet nobody ties this to the county’s engineer Joseph Korpalski making $189,019.16 per year.
    This was his misteak and he should be held accountable!

  8. The speed limit is too high. It should be lowered to 30 or 35 MPH with strict enforcement with police radar cars.

  9. More police means bigger government.
    I see you don’t mind paying higher taxes.
    How about some accountability?
    Put down the cell phone and drive!

  10. I stand corrected, there is no traffic light at that location,
    just a stop sign.
    Still a poor example of traffic engineering, though.
    For some reason I was thinking of the next intersection South of that location.

  11. I fail to see a correlation with drivers over seventy. Do you have some statistics for that remark or are you just an elder hater? The last part of your comment is just ridiculous. You must be a twinkie calling for MORE government control. Anyone with any amount of common sense understands that you CANNOT legislate stupidity, yet it seems the snowflakes will cheer that one on each and every time. I DO see a correlation there.

  12. Result of impatience of people as well. In busy morning times it might take an extra whole 2 min out of your life to go to the stop light one street over, or waiting another, maybe, 20 seconds to make sure BOTH lanes are clear instead of putting other peoples lives at risk along with your own.

  13. OK Ken, let’s see your data on crashes, injuries and deaths on Randall Road. Please provide a breakdown of drivers responsible for crashes by age on that Road over the past 20-25 years.

  14. The Blood Is on Korpalski,Joseph
    County Engineer!
    Last year he took home
    $189,019.16 It’s time for achange in the Guard!!!!

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