Free Guns Available for Teachers

Thanks to a program instituted by President Donald Trump, there seems to be a source of weapons for teachers who want and are allowed to follow President Donald Trump’s advice.

Implementation of allowing willing and trained teachers and other school personnel to carry handguns would convert protection-free (aka “Gun Free Zones’) in to places where potential shooters could not be sure they, themselves, would not be shot.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog writes,

There are 100,000 M1911 hand guns in DoD warehouses deemed “excess inventory” that Trump just ordered to be sold to civilians.

They are limiting the sale to 10,000 per year but thats just for the CMP (civilian marksmanship program) sale.

Teachers can be issued these classic hand guns at no cost to taxpayers.

These guns were cleared for sale each year under Obama but the annual NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) language was “may sell” and of course Obama, given a choice said no to the sale of excess hand gun inventory.

Congress changed that language in this year’s NDAA to “shall sell” and Trump signed it into law a few weeks ago.

So… there are 100,000 M1911 45 cal hand guns ready to arm teachers at no cost to taxpayers!!!

Here’s a recent article on this:


Free Guns Available for Teachers — 44 Comments

  1. Although I agree that willing, licensed and trained teacher’s should be able to carry a handgun concealed in school and classrooms, I think that a 1911 45. cal weapon is not the best weapon to carry concealed. That’s a large handgun and round to carry ON the person’s belt or waist. I would suggest a smaller barrel length 9mm with a single stack magazine. NOT that it isn’t a great handgun, but IMO, it’s just too large to conceal and carry on your person unless it’s on a police officer-style duty belt.

  2. You should carry the weapon you are most familiar with in a ‘conceal carry’ situation. Although I agree with Az on this one, this is a tough new world to try to adapt to. Are you suggesting that teachers should be open carry like the police?

  3. Uncle Sam should stop over buying so there is no or less to sell after the fact.

  4. A single action semiauto is probably the best type of combat handgun for a proficient shooter, and the worst possible type for a novice.

    They require far more training and awareness to handle safely than do most other types of handguns.

    The vast majority of the teachers I’ve known don’t have the requisite level of maturity.

  5. Nob,

    Most of those 1911s were made during or before WW2.

    They really are surplus.

    The Army is currently replacing the Berettas that replaced the 1911s.

  6. First of all you have to be a U.S. citizen, which eliminates half of Illinois,

    Second, you have to prove you can handle a .45 without blowing your liberal, entitlement ass’s off, which eliminates the rest.

    Send them South, before you Democrat Silly Nannies hurt yourselfs.

  7. Billy Bob, I’ve fired them while in the service, save your $$$$.

  8. Love the Civilian Marksmanship Program – was an active M1 rifle shooter in Bristol, WI back late 90s. It was amazing to see a first time shooter use an M1 rifle with its wonderful sights hitting center target at 100 yards.

    The excess M1 inventory also represents your existing parts surplus. I would think the excess 1911s are used in the same way, as parts to ensure a 1911 sold is in good working order.

  9. As the devil’s advocate I have something for you to ponder: The concept behind arming teachers is that it would be a deterrent to a would be shooter, a person armed with an AR-15 or similar such weapon. And you want to arm the defender with a .45? Secondly, these yahoo shooters don’t care if they get shot and die, that’s exactly what they want, to die in “battle”. “They charged me and I stood fast with my trusty 1911A, I took careful aim, and I shook so much I missed”. So, by arming teachers are we deterring them? Or, challenging them to a duel?

  10. Nob,

    The 1911 is a great gun.

    The ones you shot in the service were all worn out, just as these CMP guns are likely to be.

    The military hasn’t ordered any new 1911s since WW2, with the exception of a small batch that was purchased for Marine Corps special operations units.

  11. There are many 1911 enthusiasts and I remember at least one deputy who was very well versed in this weapon.
    I am sure people like this “old timer” would be happy to check and give any 1911 a good go-over.

  12. Brian? I think the idea is to reverse the stupidity of gun free zones. No one is that stupid to believe a handgun is going to be used in a firefight with an AR. Grow up!

  13. Billy Bob, I never like small cal weapon’s anyway,
    Give me a chance to shoot a 105mm again.

  14. Cindy, that’s all you have? Not use a 1911 against an AR? Most of the school shooters have used an AR. If all you know is how to hurl insults you are part of the problem.

  15. Brian? I weighed on this long before you stumbled in. Pay attention, or you also may be deigned stupid.

  16. On second thought, I am amazed at how totally stupid Brian really is. He actually believes that these false flags run by intelligence agencies using snipers are perpetrated by silly mentally ill young boys and we have to arm against them. These things would NEVER be perpetrated if we had NOT given “THEM” the gun free zones. Get a clue on what is really going on before you start out on your Wild West firefights suppositions. You sound like a really dumb twinkie. The kind that gave us this unreal reality in the first place!

  17. Insecurity rears its ugly head in the form of insults in place of informed intelligent conversation once again. That’s why a good education is so important. From what I have read above the discussion is about arming teachers with used military surplus. Meanwhile someone insists it’s about who can sling the best insults. If you disagree with me that’s fine, I don’t care. But at least try to stay on subject.

  18. BTW, I believe you misused the word “deign”, but I digress.

  19. Brian? You are an idiot. BTW That is NOT an insult. It is a discernment. You are arguing with an ex-teacher who taught Library Science AND an English major. Thus, you will ALWAYS be wrong on your language issues until you do the required homework. Go back to your Mommy’s basement. You will get no respect from me since you have given none to your elder.

  20. I deign to argue with an unarmed person. You are deemed an idiot. Being the loudest person in the room does not make you right. As witnessed here time and again, you are incapable of holding a focused, insightful discussion. Now where were we? Ah yes, free guns for teachers. Anyone? I am willing and able to stay on subject and I promise not to be rude or childish like the former librarian.

  21. Scares the daylights out of me to think Cindy might have had any influence young people.

  22. Sunshine alert! Sunshine alert! Compassionate conservatives, please take immediate action. Remember your outrage about people asking for free stuff? Now it is our president handing free stuff to teachers. Wait a minute! Say that again? You have no problem with this kind of free stuff? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  23. You already have your free stuff, Angel. It’s a 100 percent pension from a 30 percent funded source.

  24. Dear sunshine commenters. Aware that you are avid readers of current events around our great United States of America, I am confident you are know 20,000 thousand teachers walked out of school today in Oklahoma asking for decent salaries and an increase in funding for public education. Would you support those teachers to march carrying a gun to Oklahoma’s state capitol. I mean, in the spirit of protecting freedom and our second amendment rights…See a teacher? Thank a TEACHER! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowwwww…

  25. CP let us stay on topic here, regarding teacher’s having guns. We have Angel, A Teacher, A Troll, thinks he is a pussy cat, meowing and has the worse case of Tic, Tocks, I have ever seen. If, Here Kitty wants a gun, there should definitely be a Psychological evaluation.

  26. Brian, it’s doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice to read some intelligent, logical comments on this blog. Thank you!

  27. I still have yet to see meaningful discussion of the underlying issue of the “caste” system that exists in our schools.
    American high schools divide and isolate the students and unfortunately one of those “accepted” groups is the loner.
    When you add social media, access to guns by some of these isolated students and you have a ticking bomb.
    Removal of guns will not fix the underlying issue. Time and again we hear that “he” was a loner and sat by himself and talked to nobody.
    We are all responsible; we glorify athletes in the newspaper and allow others to be isolated.
    Common sense tells you there are other ways these students can inflict great bodily harm to others with articles bought at Home Depot. Guns are a part of this but we need to look deep into our culture to fix it.
    Are we capable of reaching out? I would say the comments on this blog prove that we as a culture are incapable of the humanity necessary to accomplish that.

  28. That’s a tough one. Not all loners go on to be shooters or continue to be outcasts past school. Some actually go on to achieve greatness, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. If you want to keep water out of your basement you seal the foundation. Which is easier? Identifying the threat or undermining its ability to be a threat? And how would you accomplish either? Thoughts?

  29. I attended a very small school with no divisions and have a very difficult time understanding it.
    We seem incapable of civility never mind understanding. I’m sure the people you mentioned would have appreciated more inclusion at times.
    People who attended high schools with the “caste” system seem to defend it and perhaps because it’s all they know.
    We need to teach our children and grandchildren to be respectful, inclusive and not accept the “loner” mentality as the norm.

  30. You people are asleep! Oh, my gawd! And the leftist holds up two filthy disgusting liars that are new world order killers as an example of greatness. You are in for a really rude awakening.

  31. The schools I attended were rather large and all had their cliques and loners. We had two armed police officers on campus in HS but back then a fist fight would have made the news. Gun free zones came later but had more to do with big cities trying to limit gun sales than actual safety, anyone could see that for what it was. So how would you fix it?

  32. Like I said, it’s a change of culture that is needed. No longer accept that cliques are normal. Don’t allow the football team to strut around after their coach, enforce uniforms and try to get the adults to be adults.
    Tighten up the schools, metal detectors and try to get everyone involved.
    But in all honesty, we have just become a nasty society that will make any change very difficult.

  33. You fix this by getting the communists out of the schools. Getting the SES deep state out of the government will stop all nonsense immediately. All the false flags will stop when you defeat the new world order. Good luck with that while you are so asleep and so divided! Trump is trying to take you back to those times but he seems to be standing alone when you all fight against him. Insanity is what you are living through because you were asleep at the wheel for so long!

  34. Someone needs a B12 shot. Here’s the problem with finding a solution, in my opinion. If we sit around and wait for congress and POTUS it won’t happen, they’re in a vacuum, their feet have not touched the ground in a very long time. It is up to us to come up with “out of the box” ideas and if we float enough ideas around we can come up with something reasonable. Something that is being overlooked.

  35. What the Hell are you talking about, Brian? You are all over the place. What you are overlooking is that society has been dumbed down into acquiescence on every dumb out of the box idea ever perpetrated on humanity. Until Jesus returns you are not going to convince anyone that humanity has a “better idea”. We failed to follow His directions. This is what we get left with.

  36. I don’t think they give up too easily as much as they are not even aware they have given up.

  37. “This is what we get left with.” Trump…elected by the “dumbed down.”

  38. I see that The watcher must be for communism and an annihilation war because they are bitter about an election that was nothing short of a miraculous intervention to halt our downfall into the abyss. Interesting how doggedly determined they are to damn us all. Thank God for the reprieve we are wallowing undeservedly in.

  39. Perhaps students should reach out to ‘loners’, try to befriend them, see if a little human compassion and empathy is worth a whole truckload of bureaucratic generalized intervention.

  40. For teachers pa king heat on school campuses, use the bullets to put a hole in your head before driving onto school property.

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