Second Set of Filing for Kim Zinke-Withdraw Plea of Guilty — 23 Comments

  1. It’s not that common, but it’s not unheard of for a judge to impose a stiffer sentence than the State requests.

    Lil’ Kimmie got a pretty sweet deal anyways, three felonies knocked down to a conditional discharge on a single misdemeanor, and she’s already served the jail time.

    I hope she doesn’t think she has a future in law enforcement if she can get the conditional discharge sentence replaced with court supervision.

    I wonder if she’s worried that her plea might make it easier for Kane County to go after her for official misconduct?

  2. Billy Bob, Little Kim, did receive a jail time, I think 90 days, with her original plea of Guilty.

  3. I know she received jail time – I think she got 30 days.

    I mentioned that she had already served it.

    According to the article in the Daily Herald she did one day in Lake County Jail, and received day for day credits and credit for time served.

    Most of her jail time was stayed until the end of her conditional discharge, and she won’t have to serve that part if she behaves.

  4. If it sways Kim’s Court Supervision bid and given her Public Sector skill set.

    I’ll commit to employing her, one day every six months, to cleaning out my garage.

    Hope this helps.


    This article says the sentence was 30 days with 23 days stayed, and the Circuit Clerk’s website says 30 days with 21 days stayed and 2 day’s credit for time served.

    The Daily Herald article says she only had to serve one day in jail to fulfill the part of her sentence that wasn’t stayed.

    Who knows?

    Given the totality of the circumstances, she got off with a slap on the wrist, and she is playing a risky game withdrawing her plea.

  6. Billy Bob, I think her very successful, Lake Forest Attorney, who is married to Judge Victoria Rossetti, is playing a risky game too, with the Judicial System.

  7. Another watcher, you think her successful Lake Forest attorney is playing a risky game? How does Crack taste when you smoke it? because you are obviously high. A 402 is for the parties to find a resolution to the sentencing, if they can’t find it a judge doesn’t accept a plea and sentence the defendant to something not anticipated, the judge should set the case for trial. The action taken by this judge is preposterous. This reversal will occur quickly. Just because you all hate “Kimi” doesn’t change how dreadful this is for justice.

  8. It sounds like Lil’ Kimmie made a blind plea and didn’t like the sentence that the judge handed down.

    The felony changes are back on the table if she is allowed to withdraw her plea.

    The paper said she was caught with several thousand pills.

    She should really just count her blessings that she got off as lightly as she did.

  9. Watching on, I do not hate Miss Kim, but she should be held accountable for her theft of evidence, later found in her home. Attorney Zeit and Miss Kim, must of thought Judge Fix should have acted differently, this will be an interesting case to follow.
    Andrew Zinke had once said, that Greg Pyle’s (sp) problem was a domestic issue, I wonder what his reasoning of Theft Of Evidence, from the Evidence Room, found in his home will be? Sticky Fingers is a problem.

  10. She already got a break when it went to ‘attempted’ stealing from actual stealing. Zinke! When I hear that name I laugh!

  11. You miss my point, which is hardly surprising. If the judge doesn’t like the deal they can set it for trial and the judge can sentence her to the max, I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. But, of course, that is not what happened. They discussed the deal with the judge, the judge agreed, then after the Defendant entered a plea, the judge decided to sentence differently then they discussed. This is stupidity.

    But as I said, you all are so enamored with Little Kimi that you are crying for blood by any means possible. I have to think that there is something else going on here. Please tell us what is really going on. But make sure as to describe it so vaguely that we can’t figure out who you are.

  12. Watching on, the problem is not the Judge, the problem seems to be sticky fingers Kim, who believes she is above the Law, she will not be satisfied with anything, that resembles guilt. Attorney Zeit has access to Judge’s on how they rule, we will see what he does next. Maybe you can tell us, who is paying her attorney fees?

  13. @Watching

    The judge didn’t change the terms of any deal; the three parties couldn’t come to an agreement.

    If you look at the second document that Zeit filed, you will see that the State ultimately decided not to offer court supervision.

    The judge offered Kimmie an opportunity to make a blind plea on a single reduced charge, and Kimmie accepted.

    Her other option would have been to face trial on the three original felony charges.

    It looks like that is what she wants to do now.

    She’s playing with fire.

  14. Her and her husband were tight with the Anna and Bob miller circus……funny

  15. So prosecutor pat the puss pulled the prosecution on the former coroner, he punted the Zinke prosecution, now he pacified the Millers. Does he realize he is handing the next election to his opponent, whoever that may be?

  16. Observing? Now that you put it that way, it certainly makes him look like a crook. Looks like same old same old once again.

  17. Remember that time Kim and Andy went to Crandalls restaurant, it was packed , full house . They couldn’t get a seat so Kim got angry and demanded they get a table because Andy was going to be Sheriff! Sorry just remembered that has nothing to do with this story but…….oh yeah they didn’t get a table

  18. Zgone, yes I remember . . . she might even try something like that in a Court of Law . . .Attorney Zeit has his
    hands full, but then again, his pockets will be too. Who is Paying Her Legal Fees?

  19. I hope Kimmie is allowed to withdraw her guilty plea, but isn’t granted a new judge.

    She has already waived her right to a jury trial, and I have no idea whether she would be allowed to change her mind at this late date.

    It would be hilarious and entirely appropriate if she had to face a bench trial for the original three felony counts before Judge Fix.

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