County Employee Changes Jack Franks Campaign Sign in Mid-Afternoon of Work Day

On Tuesday, November 7th, shortly after 2:40 in the afternoon, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ assistant Kevin Craver was spotted changing the  sign of Franks’ Route 14 campaign office.

Jack Franks patronage worker wearing Franks’ campaign stickers at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.

The man he replaced was Oliver Sarifini, who had previously worked o n Franks’ and other Democrats campaigns.

He was caught on camera at the McHenry Business Expo wearing a Jack Franks campaign sticker from a roll that was on County government’s Expo exhibit table.

Craver replaced patronage employee Oliver Sarafiii.

Prior to taking the job with Franks, Craver was the reporter for the Northwest Herald covering the McHenry County Board.

Craver sasasked to comment on his activity,but did not reply to an email.

The photos and screen shorts below were submitted by a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

Kevin Craver changes message on Jack Franks campaign office in Woodstock.

Location where and time when the photos were taken.

Kevin Craver continues changing Jack Franks campaign sign’s message.

Kevin Craver moves to the other side of Jack Franks’ campaign office sign.

Kevin Craver continues to change message on Jack Franks’ campaign office sign.

Another capture of location and time photos were taken of Jack Franks’ county employee Kevin Craver changing the political sign of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.


County Employee Changes Jack Franks Campaign Sign in Mid-Afternoon of Work Day — 20 Comments

  1. Nowhere you will find investigative reporting like the one you find on this sunshine blog. An army of undercover agents risked their lives to bring you this news bomb which will finally bring the end to Jack D. Franks’ career. Jack Franks is a Democrat. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  2. So I suspect Kenneally doesn’t care about it. So what tax dollars are being used to pay county employees to campaign for Jack.

  3. If he keeps a time card, it’d be nice to see if he was clocked out at the time.

  4. Someone is seriously stalking this guy to get his picture changing a sign? WOW!

  5. Interesting comments. If this was a picture of a staffer for Kenneally putting up campaign signs, would the comments be any different?

    What a ‘come down’ for Craver! From ‘ace reporter’ for a local newspaper to a political lackey!!

    Wake up folks! You don’t know Jack!!!

    IMPO Jack and Pam have plans for this County which are much different than the plans of the taxpaying citizens!

  6. Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I’ll be watching you

  7. It pays to be an ass-kissing Franks errand boy – congrats !

  8. Re: “Maybe he was on lunch break.”

    Maybe Peter Austin should be fired.

    Maybe the so-called Chairman should be sanctioned!

  9. LGBT Rights! Quit denigrating Craver! He’s just doing what his controller (Jack Non-sprat) told him to do, and Craver has his own ‘Agenda’ to work as one of those winged OZ monkeys that terrorized the poor folks of the Emerald City.

  10. The fact that he was on the County Government time-clock while he was doing his Master’s evil bidding should surprise no one.

    What else has this rat been up to????
    Will the records now be ‘fixed’ retroactively to ‘prove’ he took a personal half day?

  11. I appreciate the signage. Trying to make it seem that the Jackal supports hapless veterans.

    Why shouldn’t Jack support the goyim cattle sent to die for Israel’s many wars!

    The platitude sign’s message is kinda funny. Like “the joke is on you!” Maybe the Joek is Cutie Craver, sent to blog here on County time.

    Jacko publicly said he opposes the Wall barring invasion of our southern border.

    But I ask the fattened Jacko — fattened (double-chinny chin chin) for lo these many years at the public trough (and still doin’ it!) — Why is the Israeli Wall OK with you, but not the Rio Grande Wall?

    Just askin’ Jacko. The answer betrays your betrayal.

    Jack: you are a true hero! –but only of the present perverted days. Thanks for bringing same sex marriage to Illinois, Little Bo Peep-Creep Jack!

    You helped ruin IL. And that will have serious consequences for us all. Even you, Jack! Good hunting on your next Canadian junket!

  12. Maybe the workday allowed him a few minutes, where-whatever his job is, wasn’t ready to be worked on.

    Is this an article whose only purpose is to show a man not doing his “correct” job? Am I missing a bigger story besides “wasted tax dollars”?

  13. Aw, come on Ken. You’re sounding too rational for this blog! You really have to use stronger language and rev up the hate speech if you want to keep up here. You need to denigrate gays, Jews, immigrants and all other non-white, non Anglo saxons, etc. to qualify as a Real American McHenry County Republican!

  14. Typical Cook County, Chicago behavior.

    This man is paid with our tax dollars.

    Tax paid employees are not to do any work for campaigns during work hours.


  15. Come on. In Jack’s world, the line between the private and public sectors, between the campaign and the public service sectors, is only significant for other people.

    I mean, think of all the opportunity lost if you adhere to these ‘arbitrary’ rules.

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